Country of origin: United States
Country of residence: United States
Description: The Desta Kebbede Foundation, Inc.(DKFI) is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is TAASTTA (Trauma Awareness and Support Through the Arts). We promote wellness practices focused on empowering marginalized and under-served women & youth across all communities. DKFI implements TAASTTA through the following: Collaborate with practitioners for trauma informed wellness and healing support with the arts. Disseminate information about the brain, the mind and the mind-body connections in healing trauma and to support wellness. Organize workshops to create awareness and to avail tools for self care to support the wellness process. TAASTTA targets those whose lives are affected by war, displacement, trafficking, domestic violence, extreme poverty, lack of adequate health care and lack of information on mental health.. I created TAASTTA (registered in US department of patents and trademarks) to provide trauma informed workshops and awaken others to wellness with art. Based on research and my own multi-cultural experiences dealing with trauma and post-traumatic stress, I created TAASTTA  thinking about people like myself with non-western cultural backgrounds, and in light of the fact that cultural variables are often ignored in evidence-based practices and in responses to communities and individuals who have experienced trauma. What makes TAASTTA unique is that my experiences of trauma are relatable and in my interactions with workshop participants, we engage with one another in a supportive environment using art as a means to foster wellness. The objective of the workshop is to identify pathways that help marginalized women and young people become aware of their perceptions and perspectives, as well as to provide them with tools to support the process of self-care. You can listen to my podcasts at or follow .
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Desta Kebbede Foundation Inc
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