Country of origin: Aruba
Country of residence: Netherlands
Description: I was born in Aruba, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and have studied Law in Amsterdam. I am now retired as an academic professional in lnternational law and international relations. I worked as an representative for my government at The European Union re development affaires and also as senior legal advisor to my minister plenipotentiary at his Cabinet in The Hague, Netherlands. I also had my international legal business corporation in the Netherands doing business in trade & as legal consultant on a global level. I am married with my wife, who is originated from Surinam, South America and she has more than 30 years living in the Netherlands with me. Due to the fact that I have been to Ghana on vacation, I have become interested in Africa and would like to back to live in Ghana, where I have been experiencing the need to live in Ghana. At the moment my wife and I are involved in project development in Ghana and trying also to connect ourselves with the African diaspora. Ofcourse, we would like to participate in the diaspora in order to be part of said development on a worldwide basis.
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Cornelius  James
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