Country of origin: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Country of residence: United States
Description: I graduated in Geography (bachelors degree), in my country of origin the Congo Republic Democratic. Quickly I started teaching and latter was hired as high school principal. I worked in a rural and remote region where villagers were abandoned to themselves by the government. I couldn't wait to see the misery of these people, so I started to built fountains water in several villages. My job position helped me to create an organization ( UPADI ) by which seeds varieties were introduced in the region and also we initiated a program of planting trees around the schools. The succession of wars in Congo (DRC) precipitated my immigration in USA. By 2006-2007, the massive movement of immigration brought in several Africans groups ( Somalians, Burundians , Congolese) etc. The economic depression in 2008 created similar conditions we have observed in Congo (DRC). The poverty , the lack of jobs were profoundly noticed .We I started again to work with refugees by creating the Community Gardens (Africans Community Development In). Today, I fell that the mission was not well accomplished in Congo. I have project for fruits production and processing as an alternative to fight hunger and increase population income.I also work with refugees children to improve literacy in Boise.
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Asukulu  Etoka
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