Country of origin: Zimbabwe
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Description: Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe International is a non-partisan organisation set up by former victims of torture from Zimbabwe. It evolved in 2007 from the ‘Zimbabwe Vigil’ [itself formed in 2002], with a brief to address the deterioration of human rights in Zimbabwe, and for the achievement of peace, justice and freedom. ROHR seeks to stop the suffering that the people of Zimbabwe have been deliberately and persistently subjected to particularly over the last 2 decades. ROHR members are passionate and committed to bringing about change internally and internationally. We strongly subscribe to the founding principles of returning Zimbabwe to the apex of human rights vanguard and economic power. ROHR Zimbabwe International is founded of the following objectives; - to educate and encourage Zimbabweans to stand together and demand that their human rights issues to be addressed and to encourage active participation of Zimbabwean in governance issues. We aim to work with other organisations that share the same objectives and values nationally, regionally and globally.
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