Country of origin: Nigeria
Country of residence: Nigeria
Description: Mr.Orovwuje is a social entrepreneur and a founder of the Humanitarian Care for Displaced Persons, a foundation dedicated to advocacy and lobbying for the plight of IDPs and the overall global issues of forced migration, particularly African Migration ,Sustainable Development and Human Trafficking.Sam holds two masters in International and Public Affairs (MPIA)and Humanitarian and Refugee Studies (MHRS) respectively from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and international learning and development exposure in forced migration and refugee law from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom and the American University, Cairo. Egypt respectively. Sam is also social and public commentators on national discourse with over 50 articles / publications in newspapers and journals on transformational leadership, politics, African Migration, sustainable development and gender issues in Africa.
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Samuel Akpobome Orovwuje
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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