Country of origin: United States
Country of residence: United States
Description: We are using cryptocurrency protocols including Bitcoin to develop applications. We believe the decentralized nature of computing enabled by blockchain technology enables the development of a new generation of products and services, and radical new approaches to business models. The impact of this revolution in computing will have broad and far reaching impact on industries such as; financial services, banking, insurance, contracts, property, law and even the very nature of money. Our first application is a text message based Bitcoin wallet. It is designed to work on the sms protocol and work easily on a "feature phone". It is estimated 4 billion people have feature phones but don't have access to financial services. We believe cyryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are an enabling technology to lift vast numbers of people out of poverty. Our focus of the Epok wallet is the developing world. Digital money has many advantages especially in the developing world. We make it easy to send Bitcoin via sms. Our goal is to provide a secure, easy way to conduct transactions via sms and significantly reduce the transaction fees charged to those least able to pay them.
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Bill  Schafer
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