Country of origin: Peru
Country of residence: Peru
Description: I am Roy Alvarez, a native Spanish speaker who has been working as a translator for over 9 years and have a great deal of projects delivered timely and with good quality. As for my experience, I have dealt with both general and technical contents and I have translated in contexts such as the: financial, marketing, e-commerce, legal, business. And I also translated certificates, contracts, wills, websites, articles, among others. Besides, I usually research and localize to pick up the proper word. I am fully available and willing to start immediately. As for my bids, we can discuss it and come to an agreement since I am looking to build long-term relationships. My skype ID: roy.alvarez27 I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Roy Alvarez
And a whole lot more: Available

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Roy Fernando Alvarez


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