Country of origin: Netherlands
Country of residence: Germany
Description: BASUG is one of the active Diaspora organisations in the Netherlands and Germany working together with different stakeholders including the Dutch government, EC-JMDI, UNDP, Oxfam Novib, ICCO, Seva Network Foundation, Environment and Development Foundation – North Rhein Westfalia (SUE-NRW), CIM/GIZ and other mainstream development organisations. BASUG, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and German local authority, emerged out of desire and conviction of a number of professional migrants in the Netherlands and Germany coming mainly from Bangladesh, and others here to work on issues relevant to the community and overwhelming urge to contribute to development of Bangladesh. Its immediate motivation was to come forward and assist in devastating floods and other calamities, frequenting the country. It was working since early nineties, but formalized in 2005. Although primarily focused on Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Diaspora in the Netherlands and Germany, it has increasingly reached out to Bangladeshi Diaspora in other European countries and to Sri Lankan Diaspora in Europe. BASUG thus blended best of both cultures- East and West. This is reflected in its every sphere, in its strategy and management style, to realise the objectives of the organisation. Apart from the Netherlands and Germany, BASUG has its Chapters in Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium. In addition, it has established partnership with a leading Sri Lankan organization, and number of institutions in Bangladesh.
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BASUG  Germany
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