Country of origin: Benin
Country of residence: Benin
Description: As agronomist and forester with special interest of wild edible plants and crop wild relative species, I am a Doctor in Applied Biological Sciences with experience in population genetic, ethnobotany, conservation and domestication of forest genetic resources used by indigenous people. I am belonging to various scientific networks (e.g. Medicinal and edible forest plants network of the South Saharan African Forest Genetic Program (SAFORGEN), Society of Economic Botany, IUCN World Commission on Protected Area (WCPA), Biodiversity and Biotechnology Network (InWEnt), Society for Ecological Restoration International, as well as of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) specialist group on wild crop relatives for which I am a regional leader for Sub Saharan Africa Region. I have already been involved in several projects on ecosystems management, sustainable management of natural resources and/or endangered plant species conservation and domestication (e.g, Caesalpinia bonduc, Pterocarpus erinaceus, Adansonia digitata, Milicia excelsa, Pentadesma butyracea, Khaya senegalensis, Afzelia africana, etc..). My scientific research since 2000 up to now has yielded more than 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals, books and proceedings of scientific conferences. To date, my research activities helped him to win four international prizes: “Ebi Kimanani Memorial Fellowship Award” in 2008 (Peru), “Heinz and Johannes Prize for the best scientific research paper on ecology in Africa” in 2009 (Germany), “Prize of the Belgian development Cooperation” in 2010 and “The name in science award” in 2014 (United Kingdom). All the above mentioned achievement allowed my nomination in 2013 as Young Affiliate of the World Academy of Sciences. In 2014 I have been awarded the honorary title “The name in Science” by decision of the Socrates Committee (Oxford, United Kingdom) recorded in the World Register of outstanding scientists of the 21st century with awarding a medal of frame for Contribution to World Science.
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Achille  Assogbadjo
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