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About Global Lithuanian Leaders

GLOBAL LITHUANIAN LEADERS, GLL Global Lithuanian Leaders Global Lithuanian Leaders | GLL is a high impact non-profit platform of Lithuania – connected international professionals building global opportunities for Lithuanian economy. Established after the first World Lithuanian Economic Forum in 2009, today GLL connects 700 members from almost 40 countries around the world. SIGN IN and join the network of Global Lithuanian Leaders! GLL is the set of tools for you to get involved in a meaningful way GLL Business Advisors Program The program is designed to bring together Lithuania’s most successful and experienced international professionals to inspire, educate and enhance opportunities of Lithuania’s growing businesses. LT Big Brother Program A global voluntary professional mentoring program for Lithuanian students around the world. Read more. GLL is the platform for you to meet, communicate and cooperate Global Lithuanian Awards 
Global Lithuanian Awards reward the remarkable talent, exceptional vision, and responsible ambition of Lithuanians and Lithuania-connected people who have been contributing to the prosperity and global standing of Lithuania. Read more. Events & Networking GLL events are meant to gather together brightest minds of Global Lithuania for sharing and inspiring the innovative thinking and acting.
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