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By Nako Mbelle / Fintech Recruiters | on 26 May 2017
INVEST IN AFRICA VIRTUAL SUMMIT. 1st Invest in Africa Virtual Summit focused on business and investment opportunities in Africa.
 Fintech Recruiters will be hosting the 1st Invest in Africa Virtual Summit focused on investment and business opportunities in Africa from June 5 - 8, 2017. The Invest in Africa Virtual Summit is global and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Free registration
Discover business and investment opportunities in Africa from 20+ market leaders from comfort of home

Fund the next Google in Africa or partner with the next Uber on African soil.
Discover an abundance of new markets with minimal competition!
Many of the presenters featured in the Summit are African entrepreneurs, such as Akon, the International Singer, Producer and Co-Founder of Akon Lighting Africa whose CleanTech startup spans over 8 different African countries. 
Akon and other successful investors and entrepreneurs will share what they've learned about doing business on the continent and recommend the hottest industries with little or no competition.
Learn the top 3 things every foreign investor and entrepreneur should know about Africa from esteemed Scholar, Founder and Philanthropist, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu the author of "Emerging Africa:How the Global Economy's "Last Frontier" Can Prosper and Matter." 
About Fintech Recruiters: We are a leading boutique global recruitment firm serving the financial technology (Fintech) market in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. 
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If you would like more information about this summit, please contact Nako Mbelle at 646-233-4050 or 416-948-4050 or email
Author: Nako Mbelle / Fintech Recruiters
Publication date: 26 May 2017
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