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By RAFAEL BERNAL AND JORDAN FABIAN / | on 22 February 2017

Under the memos, immigration agents in the interior of the country will be able to automatically remove any aliens who cannot prove they have been in the country for more than two years. That power was previously restricted to officers near the borders, so they could quickly detain and remove undocumented immigrants as they entered the country. "The memo contemplates a massive expansion of people being removed from the country without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom," said Tom Jawetz, the vice president of immigration at the liberal Center for American Progress. The new regulations also restore programs for local law enforcement to collaborate with federal authorities that were tabled under the Obama administration because of concerns that they violated due process or were a hindrance to local authorities.



Publication date: 22 February 2017
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DHS issues sweeping rules for immigration crackdown
Credit: DiasporaEngager ( , 22 February 2017
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