Category: Diaspora Association
Country of origin: Togo
Country of residence: United States
Description: The Togolese Global Diaspora Group is the place on the internet where all the diaspora associations and immigrants of Togo can find each other and engage in conversations that can help them to succeed abroad and/or at home to be able to help Togo back. This group links the people, the governmental agencies, nonprofits, businesses, laboratories, international institutions, schools, and research institutions of Togo together and helps them to communicate and network concerning opportunities and development needs of the Togoleses, and other things that interest them. • Are you from Togo or are you trying to find opportunities from Togoleses living abroad or living in Togo? • Are you trying to find, network, and engage with the Togoleses? • Are you seeking business opportunities or something else from the diaspora network of Togo? • Are you or do you want to be a friend of the Togolese diaspora? • Do you have a message or something to share with the Togoleses that are a member of this group/forum of discussion? • Are you an authority from Togo trying to reach out to the Togoleses living in the diaspora? If you said yes to anything above, you are at the right place. See the bottom of this page and click on “Join” this group. After your joining request is approved by the owner of this group, you will be able to post needs, comments, and anything you want as long as it is appropriate for the members of this group. Other members of this group will see your messages and respond to them to help you.
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Togolese Global Diaspora Associations Group - Immigrants of Togo


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