DiasporaEngager is committed to assisting you to find opportunities related to: Association or Network, Business, Consultant or Consulting Firm, Governmental Agency, Diaspora Association, Diaspora Member, Institute of Research, Laboratory, Nonprofit Organization, Philanthropist or Donor, Recruiting Agency, Professionals, Retired People, Salesperson, School or Educational Institution, Student, Travel Agency, Volunteer, etc. locally or in any country.

We do that by allowing you to search for individuals, organizations, and needs/offers posted by others.


2. To search for individuals or organizations

  • After clicking on “Search” menu, click on Company to enter the search criteria, or click on People to search for People.
  • Enter your search criteria such as: areas of need or interest, country of origin, country of residence, and much more. If your results don’t yield what you are looking for, reduce your search criteria. Please don’t get discouraged. Be patient with us, as things will get much better as more users register to the site.


  • After you search for individuals or organizations you are interested in, request to add them to your contact list. As soon as you do that, we will send your request to those individuals and organizations. 


  • After they approve your request, their names will appear in your contact drop list. This step is important because you can directly message only people that are in your contact list. We adopt this method to ensure that, no users will be overloaded by too many unwanted messages. DiasporaEngager is dedicated to helping users to enjoy the platform, interact with and help those they are interested in.


  • While messaging users you find in search results, be brief to ensure that they will read all your message. While contacting other users for the first time, be sure to friendly present your need or offer, ask and receive help, or help meet someone else’s need. 


  • Before contacting other users, we encourage you to read their profile to be sure you know who they are and what they are looking for. 


2. To search for Needs and Offers

  • After clicking on “Search” menu, click on Need/Offer to enter some few keywords related to your search. Or
  • Click on “View Post” located on the footer of any page.


  • After you click on “View Post”, you will reach another page where the Needs/Offers are displayed. On that page, click on the title of the Needs/Offers that you are interested in to read the details.  You can also enter few keywords in the “Search all Post” box located on top of the sheet.


  • If you don’t see what you are looking for in the search results, please post a need related to that. It is by doing so that others can find your need and help you. We will then help other users to find that need and respond to it so that next time, you can find it in your search results.


  • To contact the poster of any Need/Offer you are interested in, click on “Reply to Poster” located at the top and bottom of the Need/Offer sheet. That will lead you to the “Messaging Page”. Write your letter and click “Send” so that the poster of the Need/Offer hears from you and helps you if s/he wants.


  • For any questions, please contact us.


All the best,

The DiasporaEngager Team

How it works – Search
Credit: DiasporaEngager (www.DiasporaEngager.com)

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