What is a publisher?

If you are a person or an organization that owns a website, a blog, or any internet presence, you are a potential publisher. Publishers usually partner with online advertisers by placing links of others (merchants) on their website in order to promote the services or products of those merchants. Periodically, commission is paid to the publisher in recompense of referring people to the merchants’ site.


Why as a publisher should you advertise DiasporaEngager on your site?

DiasporaEngager platform is a worldwide crossroad of databases on organizations and people living in the Diaspora and in their host or their home country or country of ancestry. It allows mobilizing resources and maximizing the outcome of any type of networking and cooperation in any area pertaining to the development of people and nations based on the potential of their Diasporas. The mission of DiasporaEngager is to connect the world’s Diasporas to people, organizations, and opportunities in their home countries and in their country of residence to allow them to be more productive and successful.


Regardless of your mission and the services you provide to your customers, some visitors of your site may want certain services or products that you don’t have, but that we may have.To ensure that those customers leave your site satisfied, and that you can help them have products and services you cannot directly offer, you may need to partner with DiasporaEngager to display on your site some of our products and services or a link to our website.


Please visit our site to learn more about the products and services we provide. If you determine that our services and products can interest the visitors of your site, please contact us so we can negotiate a deal. We will be pleased to work with you in that area. Once approved, we will display a link of our site on your site and you can start referring people to our site.

Besides your website, you can place our link in emails and newsletters you send to your customers. By the way, if you did not register an account with DiasporaEngager yet, you can sign up today. It is freeClick Here to Register.


Who needs to put a link of our site on his or her website?

With the increasing rise of problems and crisis around the globe, people will continue to migrate. Unfortunately, many of those people who are moving from one place to another are unknown by many service providers in their host countries and in their country of origin, therefore reducing the likelihood of solving their problems adequately. At the same time, many organizations are trying to help those people but they don’t know where and how to find and engage with them. This lack of information and connection causes a huge loss of profit to many businesses and nonprofits because they are not reaching most of their market. In summary, the Diasporas are not reaching their potential yet because to some extent, they lack connections and knowledge in their host countries (or town) while at the same time they are disconnected from their home countries (or town).

To solve those problems, our services and products are tailored to serve people and organizations such as:

  • Association or Network
  • Business
  • Consultant
  • Governmental Agency (e.g. embassy, consulate, minister, department)
  • Institute of Research
  • Laboratory
  • Nonprofit Organization (e.g. social services, refugees, travel agency)
  • Philanthropy
  • Recruiting Agency
  • Retired
  • Salesperson
  • School or Educational Institution (e.g. university, college, high school, elementary school, homeschooling)
  • Student
  • Unemployed
  • Volunteer
  • Other


If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above and have a website, please contact us to have a link of our site on yours as it will help you reach more customers. If you also want us to post a link of your site on ours, please let us know. If you think that a company you know may be a good partner, please inform us as well. To learn more about our services and products, please visit our “Resources” pages or our “About Us” page or please read the next section for a quick summary.


What services and products do we offer?

DiasporaEngager is the world’s premier platform that helps individuals and organizations in any country to connect to and interact with others on diverse interest areas including, but not limited to:

1. Adoption

2. Advocacy

3. Banking and Insurance

4. Benchmarking

5. Brain Drain Management

6. Business Opportunities

7. Capacity Building (Strengthening)

8. Career Development

9. Collaboration

10. Consulting

11. Cultural Issues

12. Dating Services

13. Democracy and Governance

14. Diaspora Complaints

15. Diaspora Return to Home Country

16. Diaspora Representative

17. Diplomacy

18. Editing/Editorial Services

19. Education

20. Engineering

21. Entrepreneurship

22. Environmental Services

23. Extension Services

24. Fellowship Services

25. Foreign Policies

26. Forum Discussion

27. Fundraising Initiatives

28. Gender Issues

29. General Information

30. Healthcare

31. Hobbies, Game, or Sport

32. Housing Services

33. Human Rights

34. Immigrant Integration

35. Industry

36. Infrastructure Building

37. Innovation

38. International Affairs

39. Investment

40. Job Search and Placement

41. Labor Issues

42. Legal Services

43. Lobbying

44. Marketing

45. Mentoring

46. Networking

47. New Challenges

48. Immigrants Assistance

49. New Opportunities

50. News

51. Peace and War

52. Pen Pal

53. Philanthropy

54. Policy Development

55. Refugees Services/Assistance

56. Science and Research

57. Security

58. Spirituality

59. Survival Skills

60. Talents Recruitment

61. Teaching

62. Technology

63. Town Twinning

64. Translation Services

65. Transportation

66. Tutoring

67. Volunteering

68.  Etc.

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To learn more about our site, please visit our “Resources” pages as well as our “About Us” pages.


Thank you for visiting our site. We hope it can be a great resource for you!


The DiasporaEngager team


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