Before messaging someone, you first need to have/add that person or organization to your contact list.

  • To add a contact to your contact list, you need to search for that contact first.
  • After you search for that contact, view the contact profile, and click on “Request to add” to add that contact to your contact list (for more details about how to add a contact, please go to menu “Contact” and click on “How it works”)
  • After your request for contact is accepted, that individual or organization will appear in your contact drop list. This step is important because you can directly message only people that are in your contact list. We adopt this method to ensure that users are not overloaded by unwanted messages.
  • If you want to contact anybody in your contact list, click on the menu “Message”, then write your message. If that person is not in your contact list yet, search for him and request to add him to your contact.
  • While messaging, be brief to ensure that the receiver will read your message. Contact people or organizations you are interested in, friendly present your need or offer, ask and receive help, or help meet someone else’s need.
  • You can also contact people by messaging them via a group. To send a message to a group, go to group and send a message.
  • You can also write and publish an article to our blog about things dear to you that you want to share with others. We will publish it and share your thoughts with others.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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How Message Works
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