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DiasporaEngager is the #1 crossroad of individuals and organizations for the engagement of global Diasporas. Our platform allows individuals and organizations (business, nonprofit, school, governmental agencies, national and international institutions) to register and open an account. Then, they can post their needs and offers (e.g. recruiting, job search or placement, philanthropy or donations, volunteering, buying or selling of a goods or services, etc.) so that other people and organizations (in their home countries or ancestral countries and in their host countries or country of residence) can view and respond to them according to their preference settings. There is room for everyone, let’s help each other.


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Some of the areas of interest of our Users include but are not limited to the following:

but not limited to:


1. Adoption

2. Advocacy

3. Banking and Insurance

4. Benchmarking

5. Brain Drain Management

6. Business Opportunities

7. Capacity Building (Strengthening)

8. Career Development

9. Collaboration

10. Consulting

11. Cultural Issues

12. Dating Services

13. Democracy and Governance

14. Diaspora Complaints

15. Diaspora Return to Home Country

16. Diaspora Representative

17. Diplomacy

18. Editing/Editorial Services

19. Education

20. Engineering

21. Entrepreneurship

22. Environmental Services

23. Extension Services

24. Fellowship Services

25. Foreign Policies

26. Forum Discussion

27. Fundraising Initiatives

28. Gender Issues

29. General Information

30. Healthcare

31. Hobbies, Game, or Sport

32. Housing Services

33. Human Rights

34. Immigrant Integration

35. Industry

36. Infrastructure Building

37. Innovation

38. International Affairs

39. Investment

40. Job Search and Placement

41. Labor Issues

42. Legal Services

43. Lobbying

44. Marketing

45. Mentoring

46. Networking

47. New Challenges

48. Immigrants Assistance

49. New Opportunities

50. News

51. Peace and War

52. Pen Pal

53. Philanthropy

54. Policy Development

55. Refugees Services/Assistance

56. Science and Research

57. Security

58. Spirituality

59. Survival Skills

60. Talents Recruitment

61. Teaching

62. Technology

63. Town Twinning

64. Translation Services

65. Transportation

66. Tutoring

67. Volunteering

68.  Etc.


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