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The global diaspora engagement platform helps not only individuals, but also many entities or organizations such as:

  1. Association or Network
  2. Business
  3. Consultant or Consulting Firm
  4. Governmental Agency 
  5. Immigrant, Diaspora Member, or Traveler
  6. Institute of Research
  7. Laboratory
  8. Nonprofit Organization
  9. Philanthropist or Donor
  10. Recruiting Agency
  11. Professional
  12. Retired People
  13. Salesperson
  14. School or Educational Institution
  15. Student
  16. Travel Agency
  17. Unemployed
  18. Volunteer
  19. And much more!


Our services are customized to specifically address the needs of each entity. Therefore, if you own or work at any organization that you would like to benefit from DiasporaEngager, you need to create an account for that organization as well. To create an account for an organization, from the registration form (see the homepage of, click on “Register a company/Organization” and follow the instructions. Let’s illustrate with a few examples.


For instance, if you are a teacher or a faculty that has a laboratory, you need to:

 (1) create a personal account for yourself, and then

 (2) create also another account for your laboratory


If you would like to register an account for the school you work at, please talk to the administrator or an authorized person from that school. That person can register an account for that school. 

Additionally, if you are the administrator, the secretary, or an authorized person of the department of your school, your organization, it is important that you also register that department so that any needs and/or opportunities related to it can be shared, linked, and found accordingly.


To summarize, if you are acting on behalf of any organization/entity, it is important that in addition to your personal account, you create a different account for that organization/entity. Doing so will improve the profit you get and allow your organization to be better found by our Users at the right place. Please talk to your friends about the site, as the more people register themselves and their entities, the more profit you/they can get from the platform.


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The DiasporaEngager Team


Why and How to Register an Account for Your Organization, Company or Institution? - Global Diaspora Engagement Issue 4
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