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1. Who we are and what we do
2. Why DiasporaEngager was created (the problem we are trying to solve)
3. How DiasporaEngager helps individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Nations
4. How to register an Account and start using our Services free of charge


1. Who we are and what we do

The global diaspora community platform connects the international Diasporas, organizations, institutions to each other and to opportunities with governments, nonprofits, businesses, laboratories, schools and research institutes worldwide; and then allows those parties to be more productive and successful by better working and networking with those in their home country and in their country of residence. By the way, although "diaspora" usually refers to people who are living in a country or town that is not their place of origin/ancestry or the place they call home, in our context, "diaspora" applies to any human being, organization, institution, government agency, school, etc.

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1. Why DiasporaEngager was created?

Millions of people are leaving their home country to go to others countries each year. Even within a country, many people are moving all the time, seeking better opportunities, or trying to adjust to life’s challenges and solicitations. The situation has been worsening in developing countries in a way that the brain drain is seen as one of the greatest threats against their development. Additionally, some developed countries are promoting policies and immigration laws that encourage foreign educated pundits or talented graduate students to leave their home country and come to those developed countries where they are “maintained” after graduation. So far, the efforts to properly manage brain drain have been unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, many people are usually disappointed by what they see after moving, and others are disconnected from people and opportunities in their home country as well as in their host country. In other situations, people travel to new places without having a contact that can assist or mentor them if a need arises. Because of a lack of information or right connections, several people do not produce the best of themselves or successfully integrate to their environment. Those who succeed often don’t collaborate/network with the newly arriving immigrants or with those who are not reaching their dreams.

Besides money they send back to their relatives, the global Diasporas do not contribute to the development of their country of origin as wished. Those who want to engage in humanitarian, fundraising, or philanthropy activities to give back don’t know how, where, and whom to contact to reach the real needy or to solve the real problems. At the same time, the Diasporas are usually unknown by many businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that can help them in their country of residence. This global problem impoverishes nations and deprives many organizations from reaching most of their potential market, clients, and customers. DiasporaEngager was created to help solve that problem!


Although the original platform was based on the global diaspora’ needs, our services are tailored to be used by anyone to engage with people, organizations, and entities such as:

  1. Association or Network
  2. Business
  3. Consultant or Consulting Firm
  4. Governmental Agency 
  5. Immigrant, Diaspora Member, Traveler
  6. Institute of Research
  7. Laboratory
  8. Nonprofit Organization
  9. Philanthropist or Donor
  10. Recruiting Agency
  11. Retired People
  12. Salesperson
  13. School or Educational Institution
  14. Student
  15. Unemployed
  16. Volunteer
  17. And much more


3. How DiasporaEngager helps individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Nations?

On DiasporaEngager, you can discover resources, tips and opportunities to:

  • Successfully locate and engage with any Diasporas.
  • Get free assistance to address moving, traveling, and migration needs.
  • Voice and satisfy your local and international requests.
  • Get free tools to engage with local and global philanthropic donations, including directly giving and/or receiving goods/services to or from anyone worldwide.
  • Find local and international opportunities to grow and improve the profit or your business.
  • Obtain free resources to satisfy consulting needs.
  • Find sales opportunities and attract more clients/customers.
  • Locate and purchase good deals on local or international markets.
  • Find help related to science, collaboration, grants, funding, publishing, and the scientific communities.
  • Uncover opportunities to get funded, hire great scientists, and find great partners, investors, and technology to advance your investigations.
  • Networking and Resources for students, faculty, teachers, schools, educational institutions, nations, and organizations to get to the bottom of most educational problems.
  • Discover and apply what any student needs to know about grants, fellowships, internships, scholarships, student exchange, study abroad, job search, mentoring, networking, teaching, and volunteering.
  • Unearth recruiting and career development/placement opportunities locally and worldwide.
  • Receive free tips to get a job, start a new business, or solve any unemployment problems.
  • Find local and international volunteering opportunities.
  • International networking resources to enjoy your retirement anywhere without messing up your savings.
  • And much more.


4. How to start using our services free of charge to solve your problems

All it takes to start benefiting from DiasporaEngager is to register an account, have a profile about your competency, needs, and services you would like to provide or receive from others, and much more. Once you register, we will be pleased with what is awaiting you!


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Thank you.


The DiasporaEngager Team



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