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1. The volunteering problems we are trying to solve
2. How we can help you
3. What can you do to start solving your volunteering needs today?


1. The volunteering problems we are trying to solve

Countless people would like to volunteer but don’t know where to find a volunteering opening in a town or country of their interest. At the same time, many organizations that have volunteer openings don’t know how and who to contact to get those jobs done. Particularly, many people travel for diverse reasons (missionsvacation, etc.) to other countries and would like to volunteer for a specific need, but they don’t know who to contact or how to provide that service. There is a gap of information and collaboration between people willing to volunteer and the persons or institutions that can receive those services. Consequently, many volunteering opportunities are missed because they are hidden from the public. This situation is contributing to the poverty of many people and nations.

  • Are looking for a paid volunteering Job or work?
  • Want to Discover the Strategies to Find and Positively Interact with other Cultures that You Could not Find or Relate to Before?
  • Looking for a specific Business Solutions or need volunteers?
  • Want to Discover the most Important Things you Need to Know Before Traveling or Moving to a New Country or City to Volunteer?
  • Want to Find People, Organizations, and Opportunities to Solve a Problem Related to Advocacy for Development?
  • Want to invest into the Capacity Building Opportunities in any country?
  • Want to Gain some Survival Skills applicable to a town you are going to visit or volunteer at?
  • Want to help someone or an organization with Editing/Editorial expertise?
  • Seeking opportunities to help Individuals, Organizations, and Nations Solve their Educational Needs?
  • Looking for Healthcare/Medical Volunteering Opportunities?
  • Want to provide Legal Advice to Low Income people and families?
  • Need a Scientific Volunteering position?
  • Seeking Mission Trip opportunities?


2. How We can help you

DiasporaEngager is the premier diaspora based online site where people and organizations that need or have a volunteer opening can register, search, find, and contact volunteers and vice versa with opportunities in any areas of interest worldwide. We want to improve the volunteering industry by allowing people to better use their talents to help themselves and the needy locally or abroad.

We help people and organizations to connect with valuable resources and opportunities related to:


  • Free volunteering
  • Volunteering abroad or overseas
  • Charity volunteering
  • International or Global volunteering
  • Volunteering programs
  • Africa volunteering
  • Volunteering companies or organizations
  • Hospital/Medical volunteering
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Volunteering projects
  • Student volunteering
  • Virtual/online volunteering
  • Kid volunteering or
  • Local volunteering
  • Animal volunteering

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3. What can you do to start solving your volunteering needs?

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Thank you.


We wish you all the best!


Interested in Local and International Volunteer Opportunities or Anything related to Volunteering? Diaspora Engagement can help
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