• Do you need help to win a fellowship, grant, scholarship, or internships locally and abroad?
  • Do you need assistance to adjust to a new environment or situation?
  • Looking for a Job or want to develop your career?
  • Looking for a date (boyfriend or girlfriend) you can hang out with? 
  • Want to discover the strategies to learn about and positively interact with people, organizations and opportunities from other cultures that you could not find or relate to before?
  • Looking for traveling opportunities and tips before moving to a new country or city?
  • Want to network and find people, companies, and organizations that can Help you satisfy an educational or professional need?
  • Need help to find opportunities and connections to integrate into a new environment?
  • Do you need any help for translation into any language or can you provide your expertise to help someone?

If you said yes to any of the questions mentioned above, you are at the right place to get free help.

DiasporaEngager is the premier and largest Diaspora based social networking site that provides global educational opportunities, service, and pipeline between students, faculty, and staff at any educational institution within and among countries. We help students to find opportunities in the areas of: grants, fellowships, internships, scholarships, pen pals, student exchange, study abroad, research, employment, collaboration, teaching, mentoring, tutoring, library services, outreach, philanthropy, tourism, volunteering, and a whole lot more. If you are a student living in the Diaspora, you may have noticed that life abroad is not easy. You are not alone. Many people envisioned better life abroad, however, when they get there, they are disappointed their dream didn’t happen the way they thought. Sometimes, Diasporans realize that after all, their dream could be fulfilled in their homeland.

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A few other ways DiasporaEngager may assist you

On this global platform, you will also:

  • Increase your chance to be found and Hired by Recruiters.
  • Easily find local and International Volunteer positions that will look great on your Resume!
  • Help the schools in your country of origin to win some collaborations and partners at the school you are attending. We will teach you how later!
  • Find Opportunity to Study Abroad.
  • Find Opportunities and People with whom to Share a HobbySport, or Game of Interest in Any Country.
  • Whether you are living in your country of origin or are an immigrant, or a Diaspora Member, Diaspora Engagement will help you Address your Problems concerning Immigration and Development.
  • Discover what everybody needs to Know About Mentoring or Tutoring in Any Country.
  • Find Pen Pal friends (or correspondents) or Help them Find You, and Engage with them on Diaspora Engagement for Free.
  • Break the Ice, Connect with people and even find a Date.
  • Find and negotiate with banks that may help you with your Student Loan issues.
  • Network and find Opportunities to Return to your Country of Origin once you graduate.
  • Find People and Organizations that can help you return to your country of origin.
  • Find a Place to Start or Join a Forum Discussion.
  • And much more!


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