You are at the right place if you are looking for people, organizations, and opportunities locally and internationally to help you with any needs related to a school or an educational institution such as:

  • Apprenticeship
  • Laboratory
  • College
  • Library
  • Continuing education
  • Long distance education
  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Preschool
  • Homeschooling
  • Technical/ Vocational school
  • Institute of research
  • University and Student Exchange
  • International institute
  • Vacation or Job Seach
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  • Do you have a need or problem related to Teaching or Research?
  • Do your Students and Faculty need help with FellowshipsGrantsScholarships, or Internships Opportunities locally and abroad?
  • Looking for Consulting, Collaboration and Funding Opportunities with People and Organizations in any particular Country?
  • Want to Join the Scientific Communities and Supporters to Solve Science and Research Problems?
  • Looking for Policy Development Opportunities?
  • Want to Help Someone Gain some Survival Skills to Adjust to a New Environment or Situation?
  • Want to Discover Strategy to Transform Brain Drain into Brain Gain?
  • Seeking Capacity Building Opportunities?
  • Wish to Discover the Strategies to Find, Learn about, and Positively Interact with People, Organizations and Opportunities from other Cultures?
  • Looking for a Study Abroad Program or Student Exchange Program?


If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you are the right place. DiasporEngager can help you.

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Things that DiasporaEngager does to help people with educational needs

  • DiasporaEngager is the premier international online pipeline between studentsfaculty, and staff at any educational institution within each country and among all countries with a special emphasis on the engagement of the global Diasporas. In fact, our educational platform allows people, organizations, institutions, and nations to interact with each other in the areas of interest including, but not limited to: research, employment, collaborationconsultationeconomic developmentendowment, extension, faculty visitinggrants/fellowships/scholarships opportunities, pen pal, student exchangestudy abroadteaching, library services, outreachphilanthropytourism, and any other kind of collaboration in the education and research fields.
  • We help establish and strengthen collaboration efforts between schools, apprenticeships, governments, institutions, laboratories for any educational needs and services.
  • We facilitate networking between universities across the globe so that they use advanced technologies to innovate, create, and invent; while addressing crucial research and development problems.
  • We allow students, staff, and faculty to easily find peers and schools that have opportunities matching their educational interests or needs and vice versa.
  • ​Offer our platform as a global channel through which people and resources can be transferred between educational institutions according to the institutions developmental gap.
  • We help anyone and any nation to access educational opportunities wherever available or needed.
  • DiasporaEngager quickly informs people living in the Diaspora about the path and means to get a better education to improve their life.
  • Finally, the Diaspora Engagement Network Platform links each Diaspora with her home country and host country in order to transfer resources required to develop or reform their educational system.
  • and much more.


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