• Do you want to Sell or Buy a Product or Service?
  • Looking for Business Opportunities?
  • Want to Attract more Clients and Opportunities to your Business?
  • Need candid Partners and Collaborators for a business deal?
  • Are you looking for a database of Skilled Workers living in the Diasporas?
  • Looking for Opportunities to Import or Export your Services and Products to or from a country?
  • Looking for Banking and Insurance Opportunities?
  • Trying to target your sale to Immigrants or people who are Traveling or Moving to a New Country or City?
  • Looking for Investment Opportunities?
  • Want to use your Sales Expertise to Lobby for an Organization or a Nation?

If yes, DiasporaEngager can definitively help you. We can also assist you with your needs related to: 


  • Marketing products 
  • Business loan or grant
  • Affiliate marketing program 
  • Customer Service
  • Business analytics?
  • Email marketing?
  • Business development
  • International business
  • Business ideas
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Marketing material
  • Business market
  • Marketing niche
  • Business model
  • Marketing plan/strategy
  • Business process
  • Marketing project
  • Business service
  • Marketing training
  • Business solutions
  • Marketing websites
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing/Business consultancy
  • Business finance
  • Online business
  • Business investment
  • Online marketing 

DiasporaEngager is the world’s premier and largest development-based platform that links the global Diasporas with their home country or country of origin as well as with their host country (or current country of residence). We help detect, harvest, and transfer resources, services, products and opportunities between people, organizations and all nations in a win-win framework. One way we do that is by helping businesses and organizations to interact with Clients/Customers to help them with Services and Products related to more than 60 areas of interest explained below.

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