In our contemporary society, being retired can be a joyful experience but also a challenging one. DiasporaEngager is the world’s #1 meeting place for people and organizations interested in local and international opportunities related to more than 60 areas or interest and needs. We help retired people find a solution for their retirement problems, but also assist them to find people, organizations, and opportunities they can interact with to make themselves beneficial to others while enjoying their old age. We also help anyone in a strange/new places connect with others, organizations, and opportunities worldwide. For instance, Diaspora Engagement will help you when you are traveling to other nations or town. 

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  • Are you retired?
  • Looking for a Volunteer position locally or internationally?
  • Want to spend time in a new country?
  • Traveling to or doing Business or seeking opportunities in any country?
  • Looking for a specific Diaspora group or activity?
  • Looking for a place where you can better find opportunities for your Grandkids?
  • Seeking Banking and Insurance Opportunities?
  • Looking for Important things you need to Know Before Traveling or Moving to a New Country or City?
  • Want to use your expertise and connections to help any Organization or Nations to Transform Brain Drain of their people into Brain Gain?
  • Want to use your experience to Work with People and Organizations to Solve a Diplomatic and Foreign Policies Needs/Problems?
  • Do you want to Advocate for any Civil and Human Rights?
  • Looking for Investment Opportunities?
  • Looking for a Pen Pal Friend, or a Date or trying to get a hold of Old Friends?
  • Want to Help A Refugee Who is Fighting for His/her Survival in a Foreign Land?
  • Interested in anything related to God, Spirituality or the Spiritual World?
  • Want to Help Someone Gain some Survival Skills in a New Environment/Situation?
  • Interested in a Teaching Opportunity?
  • Want to Join the Scientific Communities and Supporters to Solve any Science and Research Related Problem?


If you said yes to at least one of the above questions, DiasporaEngager can help you. 


The Global Diaspora Engagement Platform - all in one package: 

  • Find People, Organizations, and Opportunities to Advocate for Development locally or internationally.
  • Find and Engage with Healthcare/Medical Opportunities.
  • Learn and interact with the Diaspora near you.
  • Easily find a volunteer position locally or internationally.
  • Find Consulting Opportunities if you are interested
  • Learn about and Positively Interact with People, Organizations and Opportunities from other Cultures that You Could not Find or Relate to Before
  • Find Opportunities and People with whom to Share a Hobby, Sport, or Game Interest in Any Country.
  • Help someone Address his/her Problems concerning Immigration and Development.
  • Use your life/work Experience to Mentor or Tutor someone.
  • Help a Traveler or a New Immigrant Find better opportunities to Integrate into a New Environment.
  • Get Free Advices, Tools, and Opportunities for Philanthropic Donations Worldwide.
  • Uncover the Strategies to Have a Memorable Tourism Trip or to Solve any Problem Concerning Tourism Anywhere in the World.
  • And a whole lot more opportunities related to: 
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Library services
  • Diaspora Representative
  • Mentoring and Tutoring
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Environmental Services
  • Town Twinning
  • Gender Issues
  • Translation Services
  • International Affairs
  • Transportation And Travel Opportunities
  • Legal Services
  • Volunteering


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