To ensure that we provide you with a very good and secured serviced, DiasporaEngager uses a secure connection system to encrypt your personal information. As you can see on the footer of any page.


For instance, DiasporaEngager domain has passed the domain origination verification process through®. Our identity and domain control was verified. DiasporaEngager website is also securely protected against any critical vulnerabilities that usually attack websites such as: malware, phishing attempts, or spam.

Transactions on our site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.  You can verify all this by going to the footer of any page and then click on the certification images.


However, as you know, despite our efforts to serve you with this great platform, some evil intended people may try to register an account in order to hurt others. In addition to the precautions we are taking to make this platform very professional, we will also rely on your cooperation to use this site according to the user agreement, but also to inform us of any irregularity you may encounter during your interaction with the site or other users.


To report a User, please go to that Users profile. Go to the bottom of that profile and click on “Report User”. Then enter whatever you would like to share with us regarding your interaction/experience with that User. We will use that information to better protect you and other Users that may suffer any loss because of that User.


Thank you for your cooperation!


The DiasporaEngager Team


How to Report a User on DiasporaEngager - Global Diaspora Engagement Issue 11
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