On the Diaspora Engagement Platform, people and organizations in any country have a profile about their competency, expertise, needs, and services they would like to provide or receive from others. On this global site, Recruiters post their jobs so that Job Applicants can find it. Our database can be searched by our users to network and discover appropriate opportunities to solve job search and placement problems. Unlike most of the job placement agencies, service on our site is free and open to the public. 

  • Want to Recruit Qualified Professionals locally or abroad?
  • Want to Find the Solution to your Needs Related to Career Development?
  • Looking for a specific Business Solution?
  • Want to Quickly and Easily Attract more Clients and Opportunities to your Business?
  • Need to solve a Consulting Problem
  • Want to Recruit a Diaspora member wanting to return to his/her country of origin?
  • Looking for a global social Networking Site where you can engage with professionals and fill a Vacancy at your Workplace?

If so, we got that covered free! And that’s not all! 

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Here are some of the additional Benefits you get for free when you register to this platform:

  • Recruit Potential and Qualified Talented Professionals across the Globe.
  • Find the Secrets of Solving your Job Search or Placement Problems.
  • Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities to Solve your Technology-related Recruiting Problems for Free.
  • Post your Recruiting Needs onto our site so Qualified Applicants see it and apply for it.
  • Start a Forum Discussion to keep potential candidates in touch.
  • Easily Find Volunteers that can help you locally or internationally.
  • Tap into the Potential of the Global Diaspora to satisfy your Recruiting needs.
  • Find qualified Scientists and Researchers that can help your organization to address its Science and Research Problems.
  • Easily Access People, Information, and Opportunities tailored to your Industrial Needs in any Country.
  • And lot of recruiting opportunities in:
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Fundraising Initiatives
  • Benchmarking
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Biotechnology
  • Housing Services
  • Capacity Building (Strengthening)
  • Human Rights
  • Brain drain
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Innovation
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policies
  • International Affairs
  • Education
  • Investment
  • Engineering
  • Legal Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Pharmaceutical

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Why Diaspora Engagement is the Best Place for Recruiters to Find Free Resources, Great Recruiting and Career Development Opportunities Locally and Internationally
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