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In this letter, we would like to talk to you a little bit more about the affiliate program opportunities available on DiasporaEngager.


1. What is a publisher?

If you are a person or an organization that owns a website, a blog, or any internet presence, you are a potential publisher. Publishers usually partner with online advertisers by placing links of others (merchants) on their website in order to promote the services or products of those merchants. Periodically, commission is paid to the publisher in recompense of referring people to the merchant’s site.


2. If you are a publisher, why should you advertise DiasporaEngager on your site?

Regardless of your mission and the services you provide to your customers, some visitors of your site may want certain services or products that you don’t have, but that we may have. To ensure that those customers leave your site satisfied, and that you can help them have products and services you cannot directly offer, you may need to partner with DiasporaEngager to display on your site some of our products and services or a link to our website.


If you determine that our services and products can interest the visitors of your site, please contact us so we can negotiate a deal. We will be pleased to work with you in that area. Once approved, we will display a link of on your site so that you can start referring people to our site.


An example, if you own a web site, you can place a link of DiasporaEngager on it so that people reading your site may benefit from DiasporaEngager resources. Many Diaspora members do not just know how and what to do to connect with their home country or their host country.


Place a link of DiasporaEngager ( on your site today to help us address the international diaspora problems!


To get more insights into publisher opportunities with DiasporaEngagerplease click here.  


Thank you for reading us. We hope we can be a great resource for you and/or for someone you know!


The DiasporaEngager Team


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