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We know that you registered an account on DiasporaEngager because you have a specific need or interest, and you would like to find resources that can help you and/or your organization/company or institution. The good news is that our platform allows you to post a need and/or offer about anything. You can post as many needs/offers as you would like. DiasporaEngager will do its best to share these posts with Users who can help you or that you can help.


1. What type of needs and/or offers can you post?

DiasporaEngager Post Needs/Offers is a systematic approach to reaching qualified, available and interested individuals and organizations that may help you. You can post as many needs as you want. For instance, your need/offer can be about:

  • Recruiting;
  • Finding a job;
  • A diaspora looking for something in a country;
  • A country seeking its diaspora;
  • Finding someone to volunteer for;
  • Finding someone to volunteer for you;
  • Finding an individual or organization of your interest;
  • Finding a diaspora association or member;
  • Helping someone;  
  • Anything you want;
  • Etc.


2. Who can post a need and/or offer?

Anyone who has registered an account with DiasporaEngager can post a need and/or an offer in any areas of interest or need. We have a template/form you can just fill to post your needs and or offer.


3. How to post a need or an offer?

Once you log into your dashboard, please do the following:

  • Click on “Post Need/Offer”.
  • Then, select your post category (e.g. recruiter, or volunteer, diaspora looking for a government, etc.).
  • If you do not understand something on the form, move your mouse over the tooltip sign (underlined items), and you will see a brief explanation.
  • Fill the form to post your need or offer. The “Post Need/Offer” form contains two types of information: characteristics of the need/offer and the qualification requirements.
  • When you are done, click, “Post Need”


4. Post a need and/or an offer today. It is free!

If you do not have a particular need in mind yet, just post something about why you joined DiasporaEngager. For instance, if you are from Nigeria but are living in the US, you can post something to try to find other Nigerians. You can call that post: “A Nigerian Living in the US looking for other Nigerians”. That may be a first step in finding a compatriot who is living abroad and with whom you can engage in a talk that may help you or him/her or even your country!


To learn more about some of the things you can post and how DiasporaEngager can help you, please click here


Log into your account (DiasporaEngager.com) to post something today. It is totally free!


We hope this helps you better understand how “Post Needs/Offers” works.

For any questions, please contact us. We are here to help you as much as we can anytime.


Never give up on a good idea!


The DiasporaEngager Team


How to post your Needs and or Offers on DiasporaEngager - Global Diaspora Engagement Issue 6
Credit: DiasporaEngager (www.DiasporaEngager.com)

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