1. The philanthropy problems we are trying to solve
2. How DiasporaEngager may help you with your philanthropic needs
3. What can you do today to start solving your philanthropic problems


1. The philanthropy problems we are trying to solve

  • Are you looking for philanthropy and fundraising opportunities?
  • Trying to motivate the international diaspora to give back to their country?


Or do you need something related to:

  • Venture philanthropy
    Global philanthropy
  • Philanthropy corporate
  • Philanthropy foundation
  • Philanthropy advisors
  • Philanthropy business
  • Philanthropy society
  • Philanthropy strategy
  • Philanthropy network
  • Philanthropic grants
  • Philanthropic initiatives
  • Philanthropic consulting?  

If yes, we can help you.
If you are a philanthropist, you may have noticed that several nonprofits and organizations collect goods and services that are supposed to be given away to people in need, but unfortunately, all the collected gifts are not often transferred to the intended receivers. Many philanthropic organizations that were supposed to help the needy are misused for business opportunities. You may have noticed that the executives and employees of some of those organizations share among themselves and their relatives a significant portion of the gifts received and finally, little is given to the original receivers. You may have given to other causes before, but although you wish to ensure the gift reaches the real people, you never have or you had just a few interactions with the receivers. Sometimes, some nonprofits that serve as the intermediary between the donors and the receivers charge significant administration fees or are involved in various dishonest conducts. That must be frustrating to you if you were in that kind of situation.


2. How DiasporaEngager may help you with your philanthropic needs

DiasporaEngager is the premier diaspora-based online platform where people can directly and securely give and/or receive any type of free goods or services to or from anyone worldwide in a way that benefits the communities, respects the environment, the aspirations in addition to the needs of the donors and the receivers. We bring together charities, philanthropic organizations, and anyone who wants to make or receive a donation; therefore, making the charitable organization more accessible, pragmatic, sustainable, and visible.  DiasporaEngager allows anyone to directly give and receive gifts from others in a rapid and secure manner. We have created a better accountable giving/philanthropic system that can sustainably develop the needy (e.g. the poor, the afflicted, the widows and widowers, the orphans/fatherless, the strangers, the hungry, the homeless), and any other individuals, organizations, or causes you may choose to help.

By using our open giving platform, we allow you to (1) significantly reduce the administration fees originally associated with the processing of your former gift by other parties, and (2) to allow the original receivers to receive a higher percentage of your gift.

All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free! 


How our philanthropic platform works?

  • You will register on our platform.
  • You post as many needs or offers as you would like.
  • You will provide specific characteristics of the need or offer to ensure that it will reach the right person/organization/country or that the right person will be able to search and find it on time.
  • DiasporaEngager will use a match making algorithm/search to allow the donors to find the receiver, and vice versa. If any donor chooses not to have a direct interaction with the receivers, our experts can search and find the receivers according to the donor’s preferences. Any receiver can contact any donor provided that the donor set his or her account preferences to accept such a request.


In addition, you will find on DiasporaEngager valuable tools, strategies, and opportunities to help yourself such as:

  • Free Advice, Tools, and Opportunities related to Philanthropic Donations Worldwide.
  • Connect with potential philanthropists/Donors and Fundraising Opportunities.
  • Find Innovation and Advocacy for Development Opportunities locally or abroad.
  • Learn about what Diasporas are Facing Abroad and How you may help them.
  • Help Individuals, Organizations, and Nations Solve an Educational Need for Funding, PartnershipInvestmentCollaboration, and any other Professional Opportunities.
  • Use our trustworthy platform to Help Immigrants or Diasporas Address their Problems concerning Immigration and Development.
  • Voice your Lobbying Problems/Solutions anywhere.
  • Support/Advocate for Peace or Reduce War in your Country or somewhere else.
  • Assist a Refugee Who is struggling for his/her Survival in a Foreign Land.
  • Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities to Solve your Technology-related Problems for Free.
  • Find Opportunities to Empower or help any Diaspora member wanting to Return to his/her country of origin.
  • Find Cheap and Proven Ways to Successfully use HobbiesSports, or Games to have fun or to Raise Funds.
  • Invest into People and Nations suffering from Human Rights Problems.
  • Uncover the Strategies to Have a Memorable Tourism Trip or to Solve any Problem Concerning Tourism Anywhere in the World.
  • Get involved in local and international Volunteering.
  • And much more.


3. What can you do today to start solving your philanthropic problems

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For any questions or suggestions, please contact us


Thank you.


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