1. What lobbying and advocacy problems are we trying to solve?
2. How may the global lobbying platform help you?
3. What can you do right now to start finding lobbies that can help you?


1. The lobbying and advocacy problems that we solve

Diaspora Engagement is committed to helping individuals, businesses, nonprofits, institutions, and nations address their needs in areas associated with:

  • Lobbying
  • Lobby groups or interest groups
  • Lobbying jobs
  • Corporate lobbying
  • Public lobbying
  • Business lobbying
  • Grassroots lobbying
  • Political lobbying
  • Government lobbyists
  • Lobbying rules
  • Lobbying techniques
  • Lobbying firms/organizations, and
  • Lobbying laws locally or internationally.


Because of their differential knowledge, each country and corresponding Diaspora must lobby for each other.

  • Do you have any skill or expertise that you can use to lobby for your country of origin in your current country of residence?
  • Can you lobby for a specific Diasporas in your current country of origin?
  • Does your country need lobbyists in any other country?
  • Are you aware of any opportunities that you can lobby for someone?
  • Are you a professional lobbyist looking for opportunities and causes to lobby for?
  • Does your business need lobbying to boost its profit?
  • Do you want to learn about lobbying or do you want to teach others how to lobby?
  • Are you against lobbying and any type of gridlock?


If yes, DiasporaEngager can definitively help you. All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: It is free!


2. How DiasporaEngager – the International Diaspora Engagement Platform - will help you?

DiasporaEngager is the Global Diaspora Platform that connects the diasporas to each other and to opportunities with governments, nonprofits, businesses, laboratories, international institutions, schools, and research institutions in their home country and in their country of residence in order to locate, engage, and network, acting as a centralized resource for local and international development.

  • We will grant you free Access to our lobbying resources pages to learn how you can completely change those problems you are having into solutions and opportunities for yourself and even for others.
  • We will help you find the people, organizations, and opportunities you need more easily wherever they are.
  • Diaspora Engagement will help you connect to individuals and organizations in the areas of lobbying and advocacy according to your country of origin, country of residence, or country of choice, and much more.
  • We allow you to use our platform to post your needs so other can see it and help you.
  • Diaspora Engagement immediately makes available the needs and offers you post to individuals and organizations interested in them worldwide. 
  • We will grant you access to other resources that will help you address your problems.
  • We will connect you to opportunities in your country of origin and your country of residence according to your needs or offers.
  • And much more we will share with you after you register.


All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: It is free! Or if you want to see what you need to do to start benefiting from our services, please go to the next paragraph.


If this does not sound like something you want, please click here to learn about other services we provide that we may help you with:


3. What you can do to start solving those problems right now?

  1. You first need to register right in order to create your own account and access all our resources.

Please click here to register today: It is free! 

  1. After registering, you will be led to your homepage where you will post your needs and/or offers so others can find them and help you, or you can help meet someone else’s need.
  2. You can search for individuals or organizations interested in similar things like you.
  3. You can directly contact people or organizations you are interested in for networking, assistance, or any other need or offer of your choice.
  4. If you are interested in anybody or any organizations, contact them to ask and receive help, or contact them to help meet someone else’s need.
  5. Subscribe to our periodic newsletter to receive free resources.

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  1. Join our medias communities to keep the conversation going and find new opportunities.
  2. Write and publish an article on our blog about things dear to you that you want to share with others.
  3. From your homepage, you can create a new group (e.g. diaspora group based on your country of origin, country of residence and a special interest) to discuss and collaborate with others that share the same interest.
  4. You can also invite others to join your groups or any other groups that may interest them.
  5. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
  6. You can also partner with us.
  7. etc.


If you are not a DiasporaEngager User yet, please click here to register today or go to: It is totally free.


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Thank you.


Quick and Compelling Techniques to Voice Your Lobbying Problems and Interests in any Country
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