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  • Looking for Collaboration Opportunities with People and Organizations in any Country?
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  • Want to Attract more Interest and Public Attention to your Research?
  • Want to Join the Scientific Communities and Supporters to Solve Science and Research Related Problems?
  • Want to Find the Consultation Solution You Deserve and also Help the Solution Find You?

If you said yes to anything above, we can help you. Although most of the scientific problems of the world can be better solved if laboratories and scientists better collaborate and share more data, several scientists and labs work in isolation and therefore, they cannot tap into the world networking capabilities to boost their results and improve lives. Particularly, the gap between laboratories in developing countries and laboratories in developed countries is very huge. Sometimes, when it comes to the lab equipments and the technological level, what usually lacks is a pipeline to bridge efforts and the level of development in order to help transfer some resources in a win-win approach.

DiasporaEngager is the world’s premier and largest development-based platform that links laboratories, institutes of research, educational institutions, and funding sources across the globe. We allow laboratories to detect, harvest, and transfer resources, services, and opportunities between people, organizations, and all nations in a win-win framework. We do that by helping individuals, faculty, departments, schools, institutes of research, and any organizations interested in laboratories issues and opportunities to interact with each others on diverse areas of interest including, but not limited to: 


  • Science, Technology, & Research
  • Investment 
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Job Search and Placement
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policies 
  • Labor Issues
  • Engineering
  • Legal Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Library Problems
  • Funding sources
  • Lobbying
  • Gender Issues 
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare/ Medical
  • Mentoring & Tutoring
  • Housing Services
  • Peace and War
  • Human Rights
  • Policy Development 
  • Immigrant Integration
  • Refugee Services/Assistance
  • Industry
  • Security 
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Spiritual Services 
  • International Affairs
  • Survival skills

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  • Use this diaspora engagement site to Connect with People and Fundraising Opportunities.
  • Discover opportunities for becoming a Visiting Faculty or Visiting Professor.
  • Find Opportunities related to Fellowships, Grants, Scholarships, or Internships locally and abroad.
  • Recruit Qualified Professionals and Find the Solution to your Career Development Needs.
  • Assist Recruiters in Finding Potential and Qualified Talented Professionals vice versa Anywhere across the Globe
  • Solve Any Teaching or Educational Problems.
  • Find Out How to Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities to Solve your Technology-related Problems for Free.
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  • Easily find volunteers to help you locally or internationally.
  • And much more.


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Helping Laboratories Get Funded, Hire Great Scientists, and Find Great Collaborators, Partners, and Investors to Advance Science, Technology and Research Top Problems of the World
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