1. The consulting problems we are trying to solve
2. How DiasporaEngager will help you


1. The consulting problems we are trying to solve

There is a gap of information and collaboration between people willing to be consulted and the persons or institutions that want to receive those services. 

  • Are you a Consultant or do you need a Consultant?
  • Do you own or work at a Consulting firm?
  • Do you want to grow your Consulting Business?
  • Want to Attract more Clients and Opportunities to your Consulting Business?
  • Want to use your Consulting Expertise to help a Nation or a Government to Transform the Brain Drain of his People into Brain Gain?
  • Want to Find People, Organizations, and Opportunities to work on your Consulting needs and interests Related to Advocacy for DevelopmentBanking or Insurance?
  • Looking for Benchmarking Opportunities?


If this sounds like something that can help you, you can sign up today. It is Free! 

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2. How DiasporaEngager, the global diaspora consulting platform, will help you

Through its Consulting services, DiasporaEngager provides people, organizations and nations with an easy, affordable, and direct access to professional and non-professional consultants worldwide in a matter that matches their needs and solves their problems. Our global consulting platform brings together consultants and clients around more than 70 areas of interest including but not limited to: businessnonprofits, collaboration, networkingentrepreneurshipeducationgovernments, in order to develop people and nations. Users of our global Diaspora based platform create their profile and put online their expertise, region, availability, profession, experience, location, cost of their service and a whole lot more information. Then, if anyone needs a consultant for anything, s/he will just go to our platform online and search worldwide. Similarly, if any consultant needs customers, s/he will simply go to our site to search for them. The Diaspora Engagement also allows the global Diasporas to be easily reached and used for any consulting needs locally, internationally, in their current country of residence or in their home country. By doing so, DiasporaEngager aims at significantly reducing the consulting fee and helping people to find and use consultants they can trust. 

With DiasporaEngager, you will find an answer for your consulting problems and needs such as:

  • Free Resources and Networking Opportunities to address your Marketing Problems anywhere in the World.
  • Network and Find People, Companies, and Organizations that can Help you to Get More Clients.
  • Recruit Qualified Professionals or Allow Others to Hire you to Tackle their Consulting Needs.
  • Explore Ways and Strategies to Successfully Work with People and Organizations to Solve your Consulting Needs/Problems related to Diplomacy and Foreign Policies.
  • Solve your Educational business Needs and Offers for PartnershipInvestmentCollaboration, and other Professional Opportunities.
  • Sell to others your Products and Service to Successfully Innovate or Find Innovation Opportunities in any Country.
  • If you are a Legal Consultant, you will find a lot of opportunities to help people and organizations that need Legal Assistance locally and abroad.
  • Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities and Market/Grow your business Free.
  • Use your Consultancy Expertise to Help Organizations and Governments to Address their Needs related to Capacity Building and Strengthening.
  • Find Consulting Collaboration Opportunities with People and Organizations in any Country.
  • Advocate for a Diaspora group and find New Business Opportunities by Learning how Diaspora Engagement service helps the global Diasporas to Represent their Country Anywhere.
  • If you are a Consultant Specialized in Immigration Policies, use our service to help a Diaspora member wanting to return to his/her country of origin.
  • Find a Place to Start or Join a Forum Discussion about your Consulting Company.
  • Unearth Consulting Opportunities related to International Affairs and Lobbying opportunities.
  • Help potential Clients/Customers to properly Invest their money.
  • Help Travelers and New Immigrants Find Better Opportunities and Connections to Integrate into their New Environment.
  • And many other opportunities concerning:


We focus on many areas of interest including, but not limited to:







Banking and Insurance


Before Moving or Migrating






Brain Drain Management

Business and Entrepreneurship Opportunities


Capacity Building (Strengthening)

Career Development






Cultural Issues


Dating Services

Democracy and Governance


Diaspora Activities

Diaspora Problems and Complaints



Diaspora Engagement


Diaspora Representative

Diaspora Return to Home Country


Diplomacy and Foreign Policies



Editing and Editorial Services






Environmental Services

Fellowship Services


Forum Discussion



Fundraising Initiatives



Gender Issues

General Information & Diaspora News





Hobbies, Game, and Sport

Housing Services


Human Rights

Immigrant Integration


Immigrant Assistance



Infrastructure Building



International Affairs

International Issues



Job Search and Placement


Laboratory Testing

Labor Issues


Legal Services

Library Services









Molecular Biology


Natural Resources Management






Peace and War

Pen Pal



Plant Sciences


Policy Development



Refugees Services/Assistance

Science and Research



Soil Science


Spirituality and Spiritual World

Survival Skills



Talent Recruitment






Town Twinning


Translation Services








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