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DiasporaEngager is the world’s #1 Diaspora based platform that connects people, businesses, nonprofits, schools, international institutions, laboratories, research centers, and governmental agencies to opportunities that interest them locally or abroad.


We aim at being a development-based platform that goes beyond just friendship and networking, by creating an advanced pipeline where Diasporas from anywhere can interact among themselves and with people and organization from their country of birth or ancestry, and their host country to harness, exchange, and transfer opportunities to bridge any developmental gaps between people or nations according to their needs and means in a win-win framework.  In other words, our goal is to create a global setting that allows people to develop themselves and those who are dear to them in addition to those living close or far away in a foreign land.


Our products and services cover more than 70 areas of interest and we know you may be interested only in some of them. That’s why to better serve you and save you time, we selected and grouped by category the key relevant areas of interest for you to explore.


To see how DiasporaEngager can assist you, please click on the category listed below that better describes who you are or who you represent.


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  8. Nonprofit Organization
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  11. Retired People
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  14. Student
  15. Unemployed
  16. Volunteer
  17. Other


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How the International Diaspora Engagement Platform Can help You
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