If you are an Immigrant, a Diaspora Member, a Traveler, or a person trying to address any problems related to migration or development, please relax and just read as you have finally come to the site you have been looking for: the world’s #1 platform dedicated to International Diasporas.



1. Who we are
2. The problems of the immigrants and diasporas that we are trying to solve
3. Dilemma that most Diasporas, Immigrants, and Travelers find themselves
4. How DiasporaEngager, the international diaspora platform can help you
5. What you need to do to start using the platform today


1. Who we are

We are the global diaspora platform goes beyond just friendship and networking. We are an advanced developmental pipeline between the Global Diasporas, people, and organizations in the Diaspora’s country of birth/ancestry/origin and in the Diaspora’s host country. We assist those parties to easily and quickly interact among themselves in order to find, harness, exchange, and transfer resources and opportunities to bridge any developmental gaps between people and nations in a win-win framework. In other words, on this diaspora engagement site, people and organizations from anywhere interact among themselves and with others from their country of origin or their country of residence to help each other in a mutual way.


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2. The problems of the immigrants and diasporas that we are trying to solve

  • Have you left your country to go abroad seeking a better life?
  • Do you sometimes miss your home country?
  • Are you sometimes disappointed by what you are facing abroad? Hmmm, you are not the only one! But there is a way out!
  • You feel like most of your dreams are broken, or it took too long for you to achieve them!
  • Not only it is very hard for you to make it abroad, but also you are overloaded by Request For Assistance from people living in your country of origin.
  • Are you receiving requests from people from other countries who are seeking for help more than you can handle?
  • Do you feel like people from your home country don’t understand what is going on abroad?
  • If you answer yes, then you can relax and keep reading as you are at the right place!
  • Do you feel like people from your country of origin are asking you for help beyond your ability to help?
  • Do you feel like no matter what you tell them, they think you have money, but that you are just refusing to help them?
  • That can be frustrating! Sometimes you wonder whether they think you are harvesting money from a tree you inherited from your grandparents! You wish your people back home could understand that you are suffering abroad and sometimes have to work 2-3 jobs before being “able to pay your bills”.
  • You want to tell them the truth about your professional situation, but sometimes, you feel like, not only they can’t understand, but also you don’t want to show them you are suffering abroad.
  • Sometimes, you feel like it is better to protect your ego than to tell those back home you are suffering?
  • Many times, these problems added to your own equations give you so many headaches that you even wonder why you traveled abroad or have decided to go into this adventure. Sounds familiar?
  • Unfortunately, oftentimes, you don’t find anyone abroad you can easily relate to and to whom you can tell your problems and who can be there for you as you wish?
  • In the midst of all this, you must work hard before having your needs met, and nothing is that free for you abroad. Is it?
  • Every now and then you feel like you don’t want to pick up the phone when they call you or read emails they send you because you already know what they will say, “please help us”!!!
  • You wish there was a channel or an established system or platform through which you can tell the truth to your people.
  • Sometimes, you don’t even know what else to do, because you have done all you can but people still tell you that you are not doing enough! Akoba!
  • You are just tired and want people to leave you alone!
  • Well, you are not alone!
  • If you are enjoying this, please keep reading. Don’t stop yet. If it makes you cry, weep, or even laugh, please do; that may help you emotionally a little before we show you how we want to help those in this situation and solve this problem or how you may partner with us to assist the needy!
  • Do you know anyone or any organizations that can help solve any of the problems mentioned above?
  • Do you know that sometimes, your people back home are ignorant of the reality you are facing abroad?

To learn more about the dilemma that most Diasporas, Immigrants, and Travelers find themselves

We can help with any of the above problems. See below.


4. How DiasporaEngager, the international diaspora platform, can help you

To sustainably solve the problems of each of the parties mentioned above, DiasporaEngager built a global system where the international Diaspora, the people and organizations in their country of origin and in their host countries can work together to help each other in a win-win framework. 

If you Join this diaspora engagement platform today, some of the benefits you will get are:

  • Network with Professionals and Recruiters that can help you Find a Job.
  • Discover the most Important Things you Need to Know before putting your feet outside the door for a an adventure.
  • Network and Find People , and Organizations that can Help you Solve your Problems concerning Immigration and Development.
  • Findt Mentoring and Tutoring Opportunities.
  • Easily find local or International Volunteer positions.
  • Get the assistance you need to Boost your Survival Skills and Adjust to your New Environment/Situation.
  • Learn Strategies to Find and Positively Interact with People, Organizations, and Opportunities from other Cultures that You Could not Find or Relate to Before.
  • Connect with Philanthropists/Donors and Fundraising Opportunities that may help you.
  • Find FellowshipsGrantsScholarships, or Internships Opportunities to go to School or Satisfy other Educational Needs.
  • Learn How you can Represent your Country in your current country of residence or in a foreign land.
  • If you have been looking for possibilities/options to return to your country of origin, find them on DiasporaEngager.
  • Find Opportunities and Connections to Integrate into your New Environment.
  • Solve your Problems by Connecting to People and Opportunities Related to Spirituality and the Spiritual WorldA Prayer may be enough to help you find a job, a date, or find a solution to your problems!
  • If you are interested in Housing Opportunities, such as buying a house or finding and apartment to rent, you are at the right place.
  • Find a Place to Start or Join a Forum Discussion.
  • And much more opportunities related to Free Networking resources and Free Advice and Tips about Traveling to or Living in a foreign country:
  • Cheap flights
  • Low income assistance
  • Embassy & Consulate information
  • Medical assistance
  • Emergency assistance
  • Mentoring or Tutoring Assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Moving & Travel assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Moving companies & Services
  • Foreclosure assistance programs
  • Naturalization
  • Government assistance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Hotel
  • Social assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Travel agency
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Travel tips
  • Immigration assistance, and much more
  • Traveling opportunity
  • Immigration information
  • Tuition assistance programs
  • International customs
  • Utility assistance programs
  • Legal assistance
  • Visa & Passport information
  • Legal assistance foundation
  • Etc.

5. What you need to do to start using the platform today?

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We wish you the best!


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