Dear DiasporaEngager User,

DiasporaEngager is commited to allowing its users to create and/or join groups that meet their needs. Group is a great way to connect and exchange with other users. Group will allow you to get involved in activities that members of your areas of interest are doing. You can create a new group to discuss and collaborate with others that share the same interests.


For instance, you can create a group of a diaspora, or any group based on your country of origin, country of residence, and a special interest. If you are from Benin and you are living in the US, you can for instance create a group called “Diaspora of people from Benin living in the US”. You can name your group whatever you want.


Say you are from Ghana and you are trying to create a group of the “Ghanaian Doctorates Living in Canada” in order to gather these people to achieve a specific goal. Using the “Group” functionality, you can easily do that to start bringing together those people for any good purpose you/they may be interested in.


To create a new group today or join an existing one or to learn more about group today, please log into your account at and click on “Group” on the navigation bar. Then click “Create Group” and follow the instruction. It is very simple like drinking a glass of fresh water!!!


For any question, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for your interest in DiasporaEngager.


Hope you enjoy it,


The DiasporaEngager Team


How to Create a Group or Join a New Group on DiasporaEngager - Global Diaspora Engagement Issue 5
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