If you work for a government agency, and for an organization, and you are trying to find and engage with the diasporas of your country, you finally come to the right place!


1. The immigration and development problems we are trying to solve 
2. How DiasporaEngager may help you 


1. The immigration and development problems we are trying to solve 

With the increasing rise of problems and crises around the globe, human’s migration will keep growing. The situation has been worsening in developing countries in a way that the brain drain is seen as one of the greatest threats against their development. So far, the efforts to stop brain drain have been unsuccessful in most affected countries. Simultaneously, it is impossible to force people to stay in their home countries because doing so may violate their freedom of decision and restrict their creativity and productivity.

Usually, because of a lack of information or right connections or knowledge, some immigrants do not produce the best of themselves, and others do not reach their full capacity to become successful. At the same time, those who succeed do not often collaborate or network with the newly arriving immigrants or those who are not succeeding. Some new aliens would like to find some close and successful immigrants to mentor them, but they don’t know where to find them. In the midst of those problems, many governments and organizations seek help from their Diasporas, but unfortunately, those calls for help are not working. In other words, the Diasporas of most countries often times do not contribute to the development of their country of birth. Other Diaspora members who are willing to help or give back to their country of origin or to other places they previously lived, don’t know how, where, or who to contact to reach the real needy or solve the real problems. The nations toward which the educated people are moving have found no suitable solution to the problem yet.

  • Are you interested in something related to Diaspora or the development of your people?
  • Do you work at an institution that is trying to fight or alleviate the brain drain of intellectual people?
  • Are you a government agent looking for your Diaspora members?
  • Want to keep in contact with your Diasporas?
  • Looking for strategies to engage with your Diasporas?
  • Want to count on your Diasporas to unearth some businesses and philanthropic opportunities?
  • Trying to elaborate a development policy?
  • Seeking ways to engage with some international affairs and need help from your Diasporas?
  • Want to Find People, Organizations, and Opportunities to Solve your Problems Related to Advocacy for Development?

If you said yes to anything above, we can help you. All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!

The first step to engage with your people and any Diaspora is to find where they are and what they are doing or facing. See below how you can find, connect, and engage with diaspora right here on DiasporaEngager.

2. How DiasporaEngager may help you with your diaspora and immigrants 

To sustainably solve brain drain and the global mentioned above, a global system must be built where the Diaspora, the people and organizations in their country of origin and in their host country can work together to help each other in a win-win framework. That’s what the Diaspora Engagement Platform was created for! To address  those migration problems, DiasporaEngager aims at being the world’s premier provider of liaisons between all Diasporas, the people, organizations, and the governmental agencies in their home country as well as in their host countries, to set the development-based platform that allows them to detect, harvest, and transfer resources, services, and opportunities between people or nations in a win-win framework. 

If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


On DiasporaEngager, you can:

  • Get assistance and tools to better know who and where your Diasporas are.
  • Learn about the needs and potential of your Diasporas as well as how they can help you.
  • Access our database about the interest, competenceexpertise, services that the global Diaspora can provide to you, vice versa.
  • Easily network with the skilled workers among your Diasporas and directly detect those you can contact for a specific need.
  • Update your Diasporas on news that can help them to better work with you.
  • Inform your Diaspora about new opportunities locally or internationally.
  • Learn from your Diaspora Members about opportunities in their country of residence.
  • Allow your Diasporas to enlighten your people back home with new technologies, innovations and cutting edge science and technology.
  • Find the channel to encourage your Diasporas to collaborate with you and assist you in alleviating the negative impact of brain drain.
  • Offer your Diaspora members a diverse range of services to better organize themselves abroad to help each other while living in their host country.
  • Discover secrets for cooperating in a win-win approach with Diasporas.
  • Use Diaspora Engagement Service to empower and help your Diaspora members who are willing to return to your country.
  • Address your Problems concerning Immigration and Development.
  • Use your diaspora to Find a Solution for your International Affairs.
  • Locate among your Diaspora, potential professionals who will Lobby for you.
  • Help Travelers and New Immigrants who are living among you to better Integrate into their New Environment.
  • Allow people to easily find volunteer positions related to your country.
  • Find opportunities related to Capacity Building in your country.
  • Inform Travelers and Potential Business Partners about Important Information or Survival Skills they Need to know or have before Traveling or Moving to your Country or City.
  • Attract Business Opportunities to your Country.
  • And much more!

All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free! 


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