1. What gender problems are we trying to solve?
2. How may DiasporaEngager help you?
3. What can you specifically do to start solving those problems right now?


1. The problems we are trying to solve

The gender gap is significant in several countries. The Diaspora can help reduce that gap by intervening in key debates and serving in areas related to gender discrimination.

  • Are discriminated against because of your gender?
  • Do you have any discrimination issue you would like to share with others?
  • Do you want to help someone that is being discriminated against?
  • Does your organization do any business related to gender issues?
  • Are you an advocate for gender equality?
  • Are you interested in opportunities and services related to :
    • Women issues
    • Religion discrimination
    • Gender issues
    • Civil and human rights
    • Women in business
    • Gender equality or inequality
    • Gender issues in education
    • Gender issues in development
    • Gender issues in workplace
    • Gender discrimination
    • Gender differences
    • Gender and violence
    • Gender stereotyping or profiling?


 If you answered yes, DiasporaEngager can help you. All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


2. How We May Help You

DiasporaEngager works with the agencies and organizations involved in gender issues to elaborate strategies to better help the people or nations in such a need. DiasporaEngager brings together the agencies that are already working in that field and allows people to easily find and use their services.

  • We will grant you free Access to our Resources pages to learn how you can completely change those problems you are having into solutions and opportunities for yourself and even for others.
  • We will help you find the people (e.g. Diaspora members), organizations, and opportunities you need more easily wherever they are.
  • We will help you connect to individuals and organizations in your areas of need or interest, and according to your country of origin, country of residence, or country of choice, and much more.
  • We allow you to use our platform to post your needs so other can see it and help you.
  • We will grant you access to other pages that will help you address your problems.
  • We will connect you to opportunities in your country of origin and your country of residence according to your needs or offers.
  • And much more we will share with you after you register.


All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


If this does not sound like something you want, please click here to learn about other services we provide that we may help you with: https://diasporaengager.com/extPage/InterestAreas.


3. What you can do to start solving those problems right now?

  1. You first need to register right in order to create your own account and access all our resources.
    Please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free
  2. Afterward, you will be led to your homepage where you will post your needs and/or offers so others can find them and help you, or you can help meet someone else’s need.
  3. You can search and view needs and offers posted by others that relate to your areas of interest.
  4. You can search for individuals or organizations interested in similar things like you. This will allow you to determine whether anyone is already willing to help you or whether anyone posted a need or offer that matches your expectation.
  5. You can directly contact people or organizations you are interested in for networking, assistance, or any other need or offer of your choice. If anyone or any organization is interested in your need or offer, they will contact you directly.
  6. Join our medias communities to keep the conversation going and find new opportunities.
  7. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
  8. You can also partner with us by :

(1) Using our affiliate program,

(2) Advertising with us or for us;

(3) Investing in our business;

(4) Recommending our site to others that may be interested in it;

(5) Writing us for any suggestions you may have.


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Thank you for your time


Does the Gender Inequality or Gender Issues at any Workplace Concern You or Make You Mad? Here you will Find Opportunities to help Reduce the Gender Gap
Credit: DiasporaEngager (www.DiasporaEngager.com)

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