Good morning,

As you know, our goal by creating the DiasporaEngager platform is to really help the global diaspora to be found by the people and organizations in their home country as well as those in their current country of residence, in a way that can improve the lives of the Diaspora themselves and also of those who interact with them.


We did our best to build this global platform, but we cannot achieve that goal only by ourselves. We need your help to spread the news and reach more people. The more people register to the site, the more diverse will be the available opportunities.


Maybe, you have a friend or a relative living in the diaspora or in your home country. Or you know an organization, a school or an institution that can benefit from our services. We would like for you to help us by talking to them about DiasporaEngager


Some of your friends need to know about DiasporaEngager so they can sign up. Surely, at this moment, some of your acquaintances could be benefiting from the platform, but they have never heard about it yet, whereas signing up today can be a big deal in helping those persons or someone else to solve a problem.

All it takes is just sending them a link about our site, by using your email, Facebook, Google+, or any other social medias.

Do you want to do us that favor today? Thank you in advance!

We appreciate your cooperation in helping spread the news about the site,


The DiasporaEngager Team.


Can You Do Us a Favor? - Global Diaspora Engagement Issue 7
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