1. The business problems we are trying to solve
What we do and how we may help you
What you need to do to start using the business platform today


1. The business problems we are trying to solve

  • Are you a Businessmen or Businesswomen?
  • Need help to start or manage your business?
  • Need Assistance for a Business Loan or Grant?
  • Looking for Local or International Business Opportunities?
  • Looking for any Business Ideas, Business intelligence or Business model?
  • Want to quickly and easily Attract more Clients to your Business?
  • Traveling to or doing business or seeking opportunities in a foreign country?
  • Need help from any Diasporas for Business Purposes?
  • Looking for Benchmarking Opportunities or Consulting Opportunities?
  • Looking for a fascinating Business Investment Opportunity locally or abroad?
  • Want to Market your Services and Product to reach more Customers/Clients?
  • Looking for a Marketing consultancy? Marketing niche?  Marketing strategy? Marketing intelligence? Or Marketing material?
  • Want to Find the Consultation Solution You Deserve and also Help the Solution Find You? Looking for Banking and Insurance Opportunities?
  • Seeking International Business Collaboration Opportunities?
  • Want to Discover the Strategies to do Business in other Cultures that You Could not Find or Interact with Before?
  • Want to Fund a FellowshipGrantScholarship, or Internship locally or abroad?

If you are a businessman and businesswoman, you are at the right place to connect with valuable business opportunities locally and internationally.


2. What we do and how we may help you

Do you know there are many people and organizations far and near who, because they don’t know about your business, you have not reached yet? For example, many people are new to your environment and even to your culture and they don’t have a clue about your products and services. It is demonstrated that most Diasporas are unknown by many businesses in their host countries, therefore reducing the likelihood of solving their problems using the tools that their host countries provide.


Across the globe, the Diasporas constitute numerous business opportunities for all countries, and a significant potential to develop nations; but unfortunately, no comprehensive global and strategic platform has tapped into that potential yet. Diaspora Engagement solved that problem. We are dedicated to building a global win-win working relationship and partnership between all Diasporas, the organizations and interest groups in their home countries and in their host countries, to sustainably allow the concerned parties to grow while developing each other and nations.


The vision of Diaspora Engagement is to create a worldwide crossroad of opportunities for businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments, and people in the Diaspora, in their host country or in their home country or country of ancestry, and then use that database of information as a tool to: (1) mobilize resources and maximize the outcome of any type of networking and cooperation in any area pertaining to the development of people and their nations; and (2) create an international platform for networks that will constitute a strong consultinglobbyingdiplomacy, advocacy, benchmarking, capacity building, entrepreneurship, fundraising, educationinvestment, and business opportunities, while being an important developmental tool for all nations.

All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


If you want your Business to shine locally or internationally, DiasporaEngager is your Solution - All in one package:

  • Network and Find People, Companies, and Organizations that can assist you not only to Start or Grow your Business, but to Solve any Business related Problem including Getting More Clients.
  • Discover and Apply the Ways to Successfully Innovate or Find Business Innovation Opportunities anywhere in the world.
  • Recruit Qualified Professionals and Find the Secrets of Solving your Job Placement Problems and Your Career Related Needs.
  • Find qualified people and Organizations who will help you with the Little Known Ways to Solve your Legal Problems or Needs.
  • Access the Quick and Compelling Way to Get Over your Lobbying Problems and Needs in any Country.
  • Easily post your Volunteering position and find volunteers locally or internationally.
  • Solve your Translation problems or find Opportunities to Connect with People and Organizations Worldwide to sell them your Translation services and products.
  • Find out How to Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities to Solve your Technology-related Problems for Free.
  • Work with Governments to find opportunities to empower or help Diaspora members wanting to return to their country of origin.
  • Engage with our Users by starting or joining a Forum Discussion to develop your Business for free.
  • And many more Business Opportunities available in:
  • Adoption
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Advocacy for Development
  • International Affairs
  • Capacity Building (Strengthening)
  • Peace and War
  • Career Development
  • Policy Development
  • Environmental Services
  • Science and Research
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Security
  • Housing Services
  • Teaching
  • Civil & Human Rights
  • Tourism
  • Immigrant Integration
  • Transportation.
  • Industry
  • Etc.


3. What you need to do to start using the business platform today

All it takes to start using this platform is to register a free account. If you haven’t yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


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For any questions or suggestions, please contact us

We wish you the best.


The DiasporaEngager Team


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