DiasporaEngager is the first international online Diaspora-based networks crossroad where information and opportunities are available about any Diaspora, networks, businesses, nonprofits, international institutions in any country, to allow people from all nations to offer and receive professional services, as well as to collaborate and develop themselves and others in a win-win framework.


The problems we are trying to solve

  • DiasporaEngager is the first international online Diaspora networks crossroad where information and opportunities are available about any Diaspora, businessesnonprofits, international institutions in any country, to allow people from all nations to offer and receive professional services, as well as to collaborate and develop themselves and others in a win-win framework.

    To ensure are at the right place, let ask you some questions:

  • Want to quickly and easily Attract more Clients and Opportunities to your Association?
  • Looking for a Diaspora network, community, group or Association?
  • Looking to hire Volunteers to help your organization?
  • Want to Sell, Buy, Advertize, or Promote something related to your Association or Network?
  • Need Candidates or Collaborators for a project or business?
  • Want to Empower or Help a Diaspora member wanting to Return to his/her Country of Origin?
  • Need Assistance to Solve a Problem or Find Opportunities related to Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, or Internships locally and abroad?
  • Want to Network and Find People, Companies, or Organizations that can Help you Solve a Problem such as helping you Get More Clients or Improve your Profit?
  • Looking for a networking tool, networking company, networking event, networking marketing, networking solution or a networking project?
  • Looking for Collaboration Opportunities with People or Organizations in any Country?
  • Want to locate People, Organizations, or Opportunities to Solve your Problems Related to Advocacy for Development? We can help you. Please keep reading.
  • Want to Learn about what any Diaspora is Facing Abroad so you can better know how to Work with them?
  • Want to Explore the Ways and Strategies to Successfully Work with People and Organizations to Solve your Diplomatic and Foreign Policies Needs/Problems?
  • Seeking any Editing or Editorial Service/Opportunity in any Country?
  • Want to help Individuals, Organizations, and Nations Solve some Educational Needs?
  • Want to Advocate for Human Rights in a specific country?

If you said yes to any of the questions above the diaspora platform can help you.

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2. How we can help you

​On DiasporaEngager, you will access Great and Free Resources to Advance the Cause of your Association or Network. Below is some of what we offer you:

  • Free Advice, Tools, and Opportunities related to Philanthropic Donations Worldwide.
  • Connect with People and Fundraising Opportunities and Initiatives locally or abroad.
  • Easily find volunteers to help your association and post your volunteer positions locally or internationally for free.
  • Find Opportunities to Mentor or Tutor People or Organizations that need your services and Products.
  • Quickly Get Over your Lobbying Problems and Needs.
  • Help Someone Gain a Survival Skill or Adjust to a New Environment/Situation.
  • Help a Traveler or a New Immigrant Find Better Opportunities and Connections to Integrate into his/her New Environment.
  • Find and Recruit Potential and Qualified Talented Professionals that can help your association.
  • Help A Refugees who are Fighting for their Survival in a Foreign Land.
  • Connect and Find Opportunities with People who are Traveling or Moving to or from your Country.
  • Unearth Opportunities related to Capacity Building locally or Worldwide.
  • Join the Scientific Communities and Supporters to Solve a Science and Research Related Problem.
  • Connect with People and Opportunities that Share/Need your Religious or Spiritual Interest.
  • Obtain the Resources to Address your Troubles and Needs concerning Adoption.
  • Tap into the Global Technological Opportunities to Solve your Technological Problems/Needs for Free.
  • Connect with People and Organizations Worldwide to Satisfy your Translation Needs.
  • And a whole lot more opportunities:


  • Democracy and Governance
  • International Affairs
  • Engineering
  • Investment
  • Environmental Services
  • Job Search and Placement
  • Gender Issues
  • Labor Issues
  • Healthcare
  • Legal Services
  • Hobbies, Sports, or Games
  • Marketing
  • Housing Services
  • Medical
  • Industry
  • Town Twinning
  • Innovation
  • Policy Development,

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Thank you.


The Reasons why Associations and Networks Should Use Diaspora Engagement to Address Their Problems
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