1. The problems we are trying to solve
2. Mission and Vision for the Global Diaspora Associations of Anguilla
3. Objectives for the International Diaspora of Anguilla
4. What can you do to start solving your problem on this platform today?  


1. The problems we are trying to solve

Several people from Anguilla are leaving their home country to go to others countries each year, seeking better opportunities, or trying to adjust to life’s challenges and solicitations. Sometimes, brain drain (migration of educated people) is seen as one of the greatest threats against the development of most countries including Anguilla. Nevertheless, some developed countries are promoting policies and immigration laws that encourage foreign educated pundits or talented graduate students to leave Anguilla to move abroad.

Unfortunately, many Anguillans are usually disappointed by what they see after moving abroad, and others are disconnected from people and opportunities in Anguilla as well as in their new host country. Because of a lack of information or right connections, those who migrate do not always produce the best of themselves or successfully integrate into their new environment. The immigrants from Anguilla who succeed often don’t collaborate or network with the newly arriving immigrants or with those who are not reaching their dreams.

At the same time, Anguilla would love to find and engage with the Anguillans living in the diaspora, but this type of relationship is not working well. Besides money they send back to their relatives, the global Diaspora of Anguilla do not contribute to the development of Anguilla as wished. Those who want to engage in humanitarian, fundraising, or philanthropy activities to give back don’t know how, where, and whom to contact to reach the real needy or to solve the real problems. At the same time, the diasporas of Anguilla are usually unknown by many businesses, nonprofits and other organizations with whom they can do business in their country of residence and in Anguilla. This global problem impoverishes nations and deprives many organizations from reaching most of their potential market, clients, and customers.

With the increasing rise of crises, wars, and catastrophic events around the globe, migration of the people of Anguilla will keep growing and its corresponding problems will get worse if appropriate actions are not taken now. To sustainably solve this problem, a global system must be built where the diaspora associations of Anguilla, the people and organizations in Anguilla and in the host country of the diaspora can work together to help each other mutually. That’s what we are trying to achieve here via the DiasporaEngager platform!

Are you from Anguilla or are you trying to find opportunities from Anguillans living in the diaspora or living in Anguilla?

Are you trying to find and engage with the Anguillans?

Are you looking for a diaspora association of Anguilla?

Are you seeking business opportunities or something else from the diaspora network of Anguilla?

Do you have a message or something to share with the Anguillan diasporas?

Are you an authority from Anguilla trying to reach out to the Anguillans living in the diaspora?

If you said yes to anything above, we can help you. Please keep reading to see how.


2. Mission and Vision for the Global Diaspora Associations of Anguilla

DiasporaEngager aims at being the world’s premier provider of liaisons between all diasporas, including the global diaspora of Anguilla, the people and organizations living in Anguilla, as well as the people and organizations in the host country of the Anguillan diasporas, to detect, harvest, and transfer resources, services, and opportunities between people and their nations in a win-win framework. DiasporaEngager is the global diaspora engagement platform that aims at connecting the international diasporas of Anguilla to each other and to the diaspora associations of other countries, and to opportunities with governments, nonprofits, businesses, laboratories, international institutions, schools, and research institutions in Anguilla and abroad. DiasporaEngager platform assists the global diasporas of Anguilla and the organizations in their networks to provide effective working, networking, and development strategies in Anguilla as well as in the current country of residence of the Anguillan diaspora.

DiasporaEngager aims at creating and linking all the diaspora networks of Anguilla with their corresponding immigrants, and with people and organizations; then, uses this international network as a tool to:

  • Mobilize resources and maximize the outcome of networking and cooperation in any area pertaining to the development of Anguilla, the Anguillans, and the nations and organizations involved in this effort;
  • Create an international social media platform based on the potential of the global diaspora of Anguilla and use that as a strong resource for education, communication, consulting, lobbying, diplomacy, advocacy, benchmarking, capacity building, entrepreneurship, fundraising, investment, business opportunities, and much more, to sustainably improve lives and the development of nations, including Anguilla, based on the networks of the professionals of Anguilla living abroad and at home.

In order words, we aim at being the developmental social media platform that goes beyond just friendship and networking, by creating an advanced pipeline where living in the diaspora can network and interact:

(a) among themselves according to their country of residence and/or their interest;
(b) with their fellow citizens living back home in Anguilla;
(c) with the people and organizations in their host countries or current country of residence, and
(d) with people the diaspora associations of other countries in order to harness, exchange, and transfer opportunities to bridge developmental gaps between , the Anguillans abroad or at home, and other nations according to their needs and means in a win-win framework.

All it takes to start using this global platform of the diaspora network of Anguilla is to register a free account. If you have not registered an account on DiasporaEngager yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!


3. Objectives for the International Diaspora of Anguilla

As far as the diaspora association of are concerned, the goal of DiasporaEngager is to create a global online setting that will allow the people of living in the diaspora to develop themselves in order to be able to develop their country of origin and of residence. As an example,

  • We build a global Anguillan Diaspora Directory and a skills database of the citizens of Anguilla living in the diaspora and we encourage them to list and make themselves more searchable and accessible to those from their host country and from their home country and vice versa.
  • We help Anguilla to better know who and where its diasporas are, in addition to knowing more about the foreigners and diaspora associations living in Anguilla.
  • We encourage all the global diaspora of Anguilla to network among each other and to collaborate with Anguilla to assist in alleviating the negative impact of brain drain.
  • We restore the connection, improve communication and the working relationships among the members of the diaspora of Anguilla, their country of birth (i.e. Anguilla) and their current country of residence.
  • We offer the Anguillan diaspora network a diverse range of services to better organize themselves and help each other abroad.
  • We facilitate the creation of professional networks among the diasporas of Anguilla (e.g. Anguilla Doctorates living in the diaspora, Anguilla scientists in the diaspora, Anguilla Nurses in the diaspora, etc.).
  • We inform the diasporas of Anguilla about existing opportunities in their host country as well as in their native countries and vice versa.
  • We encourage the Anguillans living abroad to invest their time and energy in the development of Anguilla.
  • We allow the countries that are hosting the diaspora of Anguilla to better understand the potential and opportunities of the Anguillan diaspora.
  • We serve as a channel between the Anguillan diaspora associations and their country of birth to harness as well as to transfer any opportunities and resources toward the places of need.
  • We assist the Anguillans to quickly explore, discover, and invest in new opportunities around the globe.
  • We provide the international diasporas of Anguilla with the tools to influence the decision making in Anguilla while being more efficient and productive in their host countries.
  • We ease the integration of new immigrants from Anguilla into the new host country.
  • We allow the diaspora network of Anguilla to better enlighten the leaders and institutions in Anguilla with new technologies and cutting edge sciences.
  • We help the government of Anguilla and Anguillan global diaspora to create and understand their path to success in a mutual way.
  • We also aim at working with and encouraging the institutions and government of Anguilla to use this platform to find and engage with their diaspora wherever they are living.
  • And much more.


4. What can you do to start using this platform today?

All it takes to start using this global platform is to register a free account. If you have not registered an account on DiasporaEngager yet, please click here to register today: https://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is free!

  1. After registering, you will go to your homepage where you will post your needs and/or offers so others can find them and help you, or you can help meet someone else’s need.
  2. You can search and view needs and offers posted by others that relate to your areas of interest.
  3. You can search for individuals or organizations interested in similar things like you.
  4. You can directly contact people or organizations you are interested in for networking, assistance, or any other needs or offers of your choice.
  5. You can get involved in activities that members of your areas of interest are doing or you can join or create forums related to your areas of interest.
  6. From your homepage, you can create a new group (e.g. diaspora group of Anguilla living in any country or sharing a specific interest) to discuss and collaborate with others that share the same interest.
  7. You can also partner or collaborate with us.
  8. And a whole lot more.

If you are not a DiasporaEngager User yet, please click here to register today or go to: http://diasporaengager.com/miniRegister. It is totally free.

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For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at http://DiasporaEngager.com/contact.

If you belong to a diaspora association, please help us contact the leaders of that association so that they sign up themselves and your diaspora association on this global platform. It is better to partner with other diasporas globally than work alone in isolation. Please help us to spread the word about this global diaspora engagement platform.


We look forward to seeing you on www.DiasporaEngager.com and hope we can help meet your needs!

Thank you.


Global Diaspora of Anguilla Platform - Locate, Network, Partner, and Engage with Anguillans Wherever They Live
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