Description: The Greek Cypriot Community of WA was established to promote and advance the educational, philanthropic, recreational, social, cultural, moral, sporting, patriotic, spiritual interests, health and welfare of persons resident in Western Australia who were born in Cyprus or are the descendents of persons who were born in Cyprus. The Cypriot Community of West Australia was established in 1974 after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in July of 1974. The Greek Cypriots living in West Australia at that time got together and organised aid and support for the Greek Cypriot refugees and as a result of these efforts established the beginnings of the Cypriot Community which has now grown to have a membership of hundreds of Greek Cypriots and fellow Hellenic?s. The aims of the Community are to promote contact between members by organising functions and activities and to encourage the youth to interact with the community. The Community does not, at present, have its own premises but uses other Greek functions centres for its activities.
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Greek Cypriot Community of Western Australia
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