Description: The Ghana Nurses? Association (GNA) UK is a voluntary, non-political, non-religious and non-profit making Association founded in November 1993. It has a constitution, which governs its activities. Aim and Objectives: To foster unity, friendship and support to individual members faced with life cycle events; Share knowledge and expertise among members and with other professional Associations; Donate to charitable causes in Ghana and in the UK; Maintain close relationship and work in collaboration with other black and Ethnic minority Nurses Association to advance the cause of nurses in the UK; To contribute to the development of health care education and delivery in Ghana. The Association has a membership of over 300 nurses, most of whom take active part in the work of the Association. Membership is open to all trained registered nurses, midwives and specialist community and public health nurses of Ghanaian origin and marriage. Members may be in active service in any speciality of nursing as well as in management and education. They may work in the statutory, voluntary or private sector. The Association has a proportion of its membership based in other cities in the UK. It is envisaged that branches will be created in other major cities in the UK.
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