Description: The Gambian Texas Association (GTA) is the association of Gambian and American nationals living in the State of Texas. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious association registered in the state of Texas as a 501(c) organization. It is setup as an umbrella body to support the welfare of Gambians and friends of The Gambia in Texas, around the U.S and The Gambia and also to safeguard, promote and preserve our culture in the conduct of all our affairs. On February 26th 2011 the organization launched the GTA Community Center Project. The primary purpose of the GTA Community Center project is to strengthen, unify and build a community that will preserve our cultural heritage and bring cultural awareness to our children for generations of Gambian and American nationals. The GTA community center will comprise of a multipurpose hall, classrooms, office, Game room and a library and will serve among other things the following purposes: ? Resource Center/Library for information and materials about the Gambia and our cultural heritage. ? Multipurpose Hall for conferences, workshops, cultural programs/parties. ? Weekend and After school programs for our children. ? Mentoring and tutoring programs for the young kids. ? Cultural Awareness programs for our children?s and cities at large. ? Revenue generation and have our resources stay within and develop our community. ? Cost savings and less hassle to organize programs for the community.
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Gambian Texas Association (GTA)


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