Description: 1)The Ethiopian Students Association (ESAI) is a non-profit student organization that was established in 1999 with the purpose of uniting Ethiopian students around the world and developing their leadership, organization, and communication skills so that they maybe able to exchange ideas and work jointly towards the advancement of their community and country. 2) Our mission is to connect Ethiopian students around the world and provide them the platform and tools to communicate and share knowledge about the history, challenges, and potentials of their community and country. ESAI strives to create a strong bond between its members and to motivate them to use their knowledge and skills to help their community. 3) Our purpose is to make tangible contributions for the advancement of our people by gathering information, defining our problems and choosing a course of action. ESAI is also committed to creating the platform where members can share the current events of the Ethiopian community around the world and identify the problems within the community in order to develop feasible solutions. 4) Our goals are to create a network for communication among all Ethiopian students and their associations, to innovate new pathways for students to give aid to Ethiopia, and to increase the number of educated Ethiopians by making information more available to those interested in going to school.
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