Description: Objectives of the Association: A. Serve as an umbrella organisation in which members work for the common good and interests of all Ethiopians and Australian Ethiopians residing in NSW; B. Work towards further strengthening friendship, unity and ties between Ethiopians; C. Represent the common interests of Ethiopians at every available forum; D. Lobby governments at various levels and other important bodies for policies and practices beneficialto the Ethiopian community as part of a multi-culturalAustralia; E. Work with governmental and non-governmental entities on initiatives and programmes designed to help the economic and social well being of Ethiopians as members of the Australian society; F. Organise social and cultural events including but not limited to on the occasion of important Ethiopian holidays; G. Promote awareness of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to thebroader Australian society: H. Encourage and promote achievements of Ethiopians inAustralia in all areas of endeavour; I. Provide support to individual members and their immediate family members when the association believes the support is practical and appropriate; J. Contribute in every way possible to relief work in the event of natural and human-made disasters in Ethiopia; K. Support any disaster relief effort arising in Australia; L. concern itself with any other matter incidental to the above objectives.
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Ethiopian Community Association In New South Wales Inc.
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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