Description: Estonian American Fund for Economic Education, Inc. was founded in January 1990 to take advantage of the opening provided by perestroika to broaden contacts and address needs in Estonia the very existence of which had been denied during the 50 years of Soviet occupation. At the time the U. S policy favoured democratization and economic reforms while promoting the territorial integrity of the Soviet Union. Accordingly, the Fund first concentrated on economics, then a "politically correct " approach. As the bylaws permit a broad range of activity, the Fund soon got involved in healthcare, general welfare, education, training economists and statisticians, developing nonprofit organizations, supporting youth-oriented voluntary services. The Fund works on the basis of projects. Anyone is welcome to propose a project. Execution depends on a verified need and trustworthy partners in Estonia, and personal commitment of effort, expertise and resources on the part of volunteers in the United States.
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Estonian American Fund for Economic Education


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