Description: 1 - Background: AAC was started in 2000-2001. The purpose of this program is to have a place where Africans will be able to access information such as: health care, job search, job training, rules and regulations and education in the city of Lowell. It will also help the children whose parents are originally from Africa to understand their origin and also help them to maintain the culture of their origin. The program is designed to educate people in the community about drug use, drinking, smoking, STDs, violence and abuse that goes on in our society. It will educate the children in this community about self-esteem. 2 - The African immigrant community in Lowell has grown to more than 5000 people. We do believe that this community can make a difference in the City of Lowell by establishing a positive activity that will help our children to maintain their self-esteem and their origin. The program will provide a worthwhile behavior characteristics that would have a good impact in their physical, emotional, psychological and social activity. This program will help to build a strong relationship in the city of Lowell through interactions that increase the community's recognition of, and respect for, African community role models. 3 - Mission/Goals: - To help adults and children from this community to be active in the city of Lowell. Goals include: - To have a place where Africans can look for information. - To help African children improve their self-esteem and their self-image. - To decrease drug use, smoking, drinking, STDs, violence and abuse in the African community. 4 - Services: AAC intends to provide information and referral to existing services, including those related to housing, health and job training, available in the Lowell area.
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African Assistance Center (AAC)


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