Description: The overall objective of AEDP (formerly known as the European-wide African Diaspora Platform for Development (EADPD) Project) is to promote the contribution of the diaspora to the development of Africa through the creation of a network of the African diaspora in Europe: the Africa-Europe Development Platform (hereafter referred to as "AEP", "AEDP" or "Platform"). The AEDP is a network of African diaspora organisations and networks from the 27 EU Member States plus Switzerland and Norway. Through the Platform, the capacity of the African diaspora in Europe to contribute to Africa's development will be made visible and enhanced. It is an innovative space to share knowledge, accumulate ideas and create strategies together to participate meaningfully in the development cooperation process in Africa. In other words, this Platform allows for improvement in coordination, communication and cooperation of development activities undertaken by African migrant organisations, by sharing information, knowledge and expertise. Through the Platform, the African Diaspora in Europe can establish links and partnerships with important stakeholders such as European and African co-development organisations, policymakers in the field of migration and development, the European Union and the African Union.
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Africa-Europe Platform
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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