Description: Africa Media Association (AMA) ? a media advocacy company that focuses on showcasing positive stories from African-Australian communities in response to the ongoing and overly negative portrayal of these communities in the?mainstream media organisations in Australia and beyond.? AMA is involved in? ?advocacy journalism? and seeks to use the media (openly and transparently)?as?an instrument?to pursue positive social changes for Afro-Australian communitesAMA also organises the Victorian African Community Awards (VACA). The VACAs are an opportunity to highlight the invaluable contribution that various individuals and organisations make to African-Australian communities by adding value to the lives of many and making Victoria a better place to be. VACA also provides an opportunity to celebrate leadership, entrepreneurship and service to the community, as a means to encourage younger African-Australians to go for their dreams and achieve their full potential. Nominations for the awards can be made at the AMA website.
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